20 free listings when you open an Shop

By Dan Wilson January 1, 2018 - 10:24 pm

In a repeat of a 2017 promotion, event to encourage the opening of a shop on the crafts and vintage marketplace, they’re offering 20 free listings when you establish a shopfront.

The idea is to draw Etsy Sellers closer into the marketplace and encourage them to sell more on Etsy. But don’t get too excited. With listings on Etsy costing 20 cents a pop, this promo is worth all of four dollars. (And as far as we can see it’s a promo that’s only available to US sellers at the moment.)

2018 is set to be a crucial year for Etsy as the marketplace struggles to firmly establish its reputation and position. Under new leadership in 2017, it’s seeking to please buyers and sellers and also Wall St. by reinvigorating the brand and also revisiting what it offers. It seems likely that in 2018 we will see significant developments and changes.

But will it be enough? That’s what we’ll wait for but it seems fair to say that more exciting offers than 20 free listings will be required if they’re to rediscover the former Etsy lustre.

In this video, Etsy explain the benefits of opening an Shop. You can find out more on the promotion page here.

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