The Amazon Treasure Truck is visiting London, Manchester and other UK Cities

By Chris Dawson December 5, 2017 - 10:30 am

In the run up to Christmas, not only might you spot the Coca Cola trucks criss crossing the country, but keep an eye out for the Amazon Treasure Truck which will be visiting London and Manchester with more cities to follow.

Treasure Truck will pop up in Manchester and London several times a month, featuring one carefully selected goody at a time. Each offer is a surprise and customers will have to act fast to get their mitts on the kit, with only limited stock on the truck. After customers purchase the product in the Amazon app, they then select a convenient time and place to pick up the item at the truck.

With Treasure Truck tootling into further UK cities soon, you can sign up now by texting ‘truck’ to 87377. When the truck is ready to drive into town, you will receive a text alert spilling the beans on that day’s treasure.

Offers will include exclusive items made just for Treasure Truck, trending tech, seasonal must-haves, delicious food, favourites from local businesses, amazing deals on limited edition items and much more. All products will be carefully selected to create a spontaneous, one-of-a-kind shopping experience. It won’t just be about the product: customers will be greeted by a ‘delight squad’ – the truck’s specially trained crew – to ensure that everyone has truckloads of fun. Occasional celebrity appearances, interactive games, special seasonal events and on-the-spot prize giveaways are just some of the things thrown in to brighten up the day.


“We all remember the sense of excitement we felt as children when we heard the jingle of the ice-cream van, and we hope to bring that same feeling with Treasure Truck. Every product has been cherry picked, from must-have Christmas presents to jaw-dropping offers, ensuring Treasure Truck will turn an ordinary day into something a bit more special. Savvy shoppers should sign up now to be the first in the know.”
– James Quick, Head of Treasure Truck, Amazon UK

How to find the Amazon Treasure Truck

If you want to be tempted into a real bargain and collect it from the Amazon Treasure Truck, text ‘truck’ to 87377. Alternatively follow @treasuretruckUK and look out for #treasuretruck on social media.

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