Small Business Saturday – 2nd December 2017

By Chris Dawson December 1, 2017 - 8:00 am

Tomorrow, the 2nd of December, is the fifth annual Small Business Saturday. It’s designed as the antithesis of Black Friday week which largely consists of the biggest retailers in the country getting a ton of coverage. Small Business Saturday is the time to shout about those who don’t have massive marketing budgets and be proud of the hundreds of thousands of small businesses up and down the country.

Challenges small businesses are facing

Ahead of Small Business Saturday, Royal Mail has found that lower consumer spending (15%) is the biggest challenge that small businesses have faced this year. Brexit and recruitment were some of the other key tests faced by small businesses in the last year.

When it comes to Christmas, 13% of small businesses expect the festive period to be busier this year, however it seems that for many it is business as usual with 60% of small businesses expecting the festive period to be the same as last year.

“Lower consumer spending is a key challenge for small businesses in Britain. It’s important that consumers support local and smaller businesses on Small Business Saturday, over the Christmas period and throughout the year. Small businesses sit at the heart of the UK economy and are integral to the running of our country.”
– Nick Landon, Managing Director of Royal Mail Parcels

How do you get involved with Small Business Saturday?

If you are a shopper

It’s really simple. Support your local small businesses by shopping from them. Support small businesses across the UK by seeking out their websites or specifically look for them on marketplaces when you buy online.

If you are a small business

Register and advertise your business on the Small Business Finder for free.

If you’ve got any plans for the day Small Business Saturday about them and they will give you a shout out via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Shout about yourself on Tamebay in comments below

Tamebay readers are remarkably restrained so far as self promotion goes but Small Business Saturday is not the day to be shy and retiring. Drop a comment below and let us and our other readers know what you sell. If you buy anything from a reader that’s commented reply to their comment and let them know!

  • SAM
    2 years ago

    It is remarkable the amount of Small biz that does not take part, and prefer to hang on the tailcoats of Amazon and eBay.
    We are offering 10% of direct only sales.
    Amazon have joined in (more or a PR stunt) however eBay have not even mentioned it.

    • northumbrian
      2 years ago

      shoppers and retailers are becoming wise and switching off to the marketing hype,
      its all just a bit patronising

    • alan paterson
      2 years ago

      @ SAM – you say we are “hanging on the coat tails” of Amazon and ebay. The reality is that these are the only real consistent platforms / methods of selling consistently every day. Its not so much as “hanging on the coat tails” but going to where people are buying and people are buying on Amazon and ebay. thats where we need to spend or time. it gives us the best return for time invested.

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