Royal Mail DMO to be withdrawn in 2018

By Dan Wilson December 5, 2017 - 10:12 pm

It looks like Royal Mail will be getting rid of DMO over the course of 2018. Royal Mail DMO will be a familiar tool to many online sellers and an integral part of their shipping and despatch processes. Do you use it?

Royal Mail DMO (which stands for Despatch Manager Online) is an online tool that predominately helps online sellers organise their sales, despatch and access Royal Mail services online and do things like print labels and buy postage. You can visit the Royal Mail page about DMO here.

Thanks to a tip-off from an eagle-eyed reader who was reading a Royal Mail document dated December 2017 called Important Information: Changes to services, terms and conditions, and a reminder of your product procedures we can report that it seems it will be decommissioned next year. Below in the photos you can find the relevant information related to DMO in the pamphlet. The contents of the document can be found here online.

As Royal Mail notes, the replacement service will be Click & Drop and its associated APIs which can apparently do everything that DMO does. Royal Mail will be contacting all DMO users in due course and helping them transition to the replacement service.

As they say: “Our latest solution, Click & Drop, is the favoured alternative for most customers and we have a range of APIs and direct integrations. Click & Drop provides all the features of DMO, plus a range of additional features and benefits to help your business. It’s built on the latest technology, dealing with browser upgrades and is constantly improving. We recommend switching now to start enjoying the benefits of Click & Drop straight away.”

Naturally, we will be asking Royal Mail for more information about this development but we wanted Tamebay readers to know about the news right away.

Are you a DMO user and will this change have an impact on your daily activities as you send the goods out that you sell online?

Royal Mail DMO

Royal Mail DMO

  • James
    2 years ago

    We use DMO and have spoken to our account manager about the changes, as well as having a quick look at the “Click and Drop” replacement.

    There is the added option to integrate directly in to Amazon, eBay, Magento, Shopify etc as well as from Dropbox. From the quick look we had and conversation we had with the Account Manager, there is some added functionality on the Reporting side.

    If you use DMO to upload with a .CSV as we do, then it looks like there should be little disruption.

    • SAM
      2 years ago

      Click and drop is great along with 2d delivery confirmation. Downside for us is the amount of Platforms we cant get integration with. We never use Amazon for merchant sales well not in years. Our site is built on OpenCart and we use loads of Mirkal sites.
      We have to do everything manual apart from eBay.
      Time it has saved us over the last year.
      STILL need to check all those wrong eBay addresses.

    • 2 years ago

      @SAM – And on Amazon…

      Sent a message to a customer on the 25th November asking to confirm address as it does not exist on RM database and is vague. Had a message today asking where the item was, replied saying awaiting reply to last message for address details, no reply to that yet.

      Each day we have so many addresses we have to correct, we ring them in red pen on the invoice hoping they will sort it out.

  • Weeze
    2 years ago

    What about the dimensions and volume requirements that DMO stipulates, is there still extra room on parcel size like you get on DMO? Do you still need to meet the 1000 item requirements? As a DMO user the first thing I knew about these changes was from reading through the leaflet.

  • 2 years ago

    DMO – Never used it so can not compare.

    We use Click & Drop and would say it is very good, they have just updated it to integrate with WooCommerce, but it can also pull in orders from Amazon & eBay as well as mark them as despatched and add a tracking number (not recommended).

    Overall really pleased with it.

    • SAM
      2 years ago

      @Tyler, why would you not let the tracking auto upload to eBay????. Is this to do with this delivery defect nonsense??? what glitch is there here.

      We let everything automatically upload and let Click & drop dispatch everything.

    • 2 years ago


      I found that my late delivery rate went up due to the data being given to eBay.

      You can check your LTR in the seller level on eBay and if you are not updating by Click & Drop the only way that eBay know the item arrived late is by your feedback.

      My current LDR is 1.3% – 5 of 376 transactions and all 5 gave us excellent feedback, but all 5 told eBay the item arrived late. We always post on time, if not earlier than we should, so this problem is not really of our doing.

      The problem.

      Every time a parcel is delivered late by Royal Mail they will report this to eBay, so if another 5 arrived late, but those customers do not leave feedback, my LDR would double to 2.66%, I actually saw it over 3% at times due to Royal Mail updating the tracking details.

      If the customer is not in and has to get the item redelivered this also counts as a late delivery, all ebay go on is the date of delivery. Although I believe somebody does do a manual check as some items did disappear from the LDR report.

      I have even had feedback from somebody that the item still remains undelivered.

      The question.

      Does eBay or the buyer really need to know the tracking details?

      LDR does not always effect your eBay account, they say they take other things into consideration, but I would prefer to keep it low and do not see why I should suffer because Royal Mail don’t deliver on time.

      However, all that said, as you are currently updating eBay, I take it you do not have a problem

    • 2 years ago

      Is there a way like a tick box that will stop the program from uploading the tracking details as we don’t do it now as it saves us so much time as in complaints so would want the same to happen again.

    • 2 years ago

      @Tony Shore

      I am not sure what you mean but you can check a box to update ebay / Amazon with the tracking details and if the item is packed & posted.

      But if you don’t want it then just leave the box unchecked and update the sales to shipped manually.

  • SAM
    2 years ago

    @Tyler. We want as it essentially tracks everything now, that 2d stuff has saved us from a lot of INR scams, we had one the other week “where is my tracking”, am like it arrived 2 hours ago straight away…here is the URL. We are even putting the 2d codes onto sites like Game where we have to do the click and drop using manual process.

    It is good I like it, and my understanding you UPLOAD it on day of dispatch it shows you have dispatched on time.
    Anyway we noticed it popped up if we evaluated you now you would be above average. So we checked all the items we had loads, which all had 2d delivery or signed for.
    Yes and some of them turned up on day 2 not day 1. Am like how am I supposed to control this. However the defects are supposed to be for dispatch times not delivery times???, uploading that info proves you have sent on time surely, and they are basically giving you defects for delivery times???? not dispatch, their not even following their own policy.
    So I emailed them with this last lot , and told them to look again as everything shows dispatched on time and it all has tracking and they did remove all the defects we went from 2.99% to 0.00%, I should not have to email them, who evaluates in the first place a blind man.
    It is hard enough getting noticed these days without them downgrading you for no fault of your own.
    Silly system , plus less and less feedback gets left these and we sell a lot less than we used to on eBay but still it is there in black and white we are dispatching on time.

    Really wish they would just stop over complicating things for the sake of it

    • 2 years ago


      No, uploading the info does not show that you posted on time, bizarre but that is the way it works. The reason for this is it is actually the delivery time that matters more.

      If posting date was important we would not have had a +3.00% LDR, as all our postings were on the day they should have been (next day) or earlier (same day).

      We do not get a lot of INR scams, but when we do get one we send them the tracking details with the date / time it was delivered. Most then suddenly find the item.

      I would rather not have a LDR of 2.99% and have to ask them to look into it and really there is not a lot you can do about genuine late deliveries by Royal Mail, as they will count against you. Nothing you can do about that and watch out this time of year.

      For me, I see no reason to give them the tracking info unless in the case of a INR when I send them it in the reply.

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