Order from Amazon up until 9.45 for Christmas eve same day delivery

By Chris Dawson December 19, 2017 - 7:21 pm

With Christmas fast approaching many retailers will take the decision to shut up shop and have a few days off whilst others will stay open but tell customers it’s too late to order for Christmas and any purchases will be delivered between Christmas and New Year at the earliest.

Not so Amazon who intend to ship literally up until the final hour with their final order cut off at 9.45pm for Christmas eve same day delivery.

Amazon Last Order Dates 2017

Wednesday 20th

No-Rush Delivery – Order as late as 11:59pm.

Thursday 21st

Standard Delivery – Order as late as 11:59pm.

Saturday 23rd

One-Day Delivery – Amazon will deliver on Sunday 24th December. Last order time for delivery by Christmas varies by item and location.

Sunday 24th

Same-Day (Evening Delivery) – Amazon will deliver on Sunday 24th December in Greater London and 13 other cities. Learn more. Order eligible items as late as 12:00 noon. Availability is limited.

Prime Now (2-Hour Delivery) – Amazon’s fastest delivery service, exclusively available for Amazon Prime members for delivery on Sunday 24th December in greater London and 8 other cities. Order as late as 9:45pm. Availability is limited.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Sod the poor delivery drivers, they don’t get an early finish on Christmas Eve, Amazon expect you to still be doing deliveries up to midnight!!!

    • 4 weeks ago

      And warehouse workers of course as well, after all someone has to fill the box with goods.

  • Northumbrian
    4 weeks ago

    Poor delivery drivers my arse

    What about the poor
    police ,fire ,ambulance workers doctors nurses
    Who wil be lucky if they get a finish never mind an early one

  • 4 weeks ago

    At least the Police, Fire and Hospital workers / Ambulance drivers get paid a decent wage to work over Xmas including Xmas Day and Boxing Day no doubt for some of them. I can’t see amazon paying overtime or an extra rate for working Xmas Eve.

    • alan paterson
      4 weeks ago

      It might me time to get a new job. Doesn’t look as if you are enjoying the one you have…….?

    • Northumbrian
      3 weeks ago

      No comparison to parcel delivery and those
      who could be saving my life
      they cant be paid enough at anytime ,never mind Christmas or new year,

  • 4 weeks ago

    If your talking to me Alan Paterson, I don’t and would never work for amazon, I’ve seen enough articles about the way they treat their workers and sellers to not want to do so.

    • alan paterson
      4 weeks ago

      i felt that you implied you did. Sometimes it better to have a “bad” job at this time of year than no job at all.

      Sorry, i thought you were talking from experience and not something you read.

    • Ben
      4 weeks ago

      I agree with Alan.

  • 3 weeks ago

    @alanpaterson – I don’t disagree that the emergency services are under enormous pressure, but I agree with petestan on this one (and I don’t think there was any implication in what they said also)! If you knew the sheer pressure and stress that I’d wager at least 50% of the courier workforce drivers are under (a LOT of them self-employed too)………..
    I know you said “sometimes”, but I think there’s a lot of leeway for argument over the “better to have a “bad” job at this time of year than no job at all”.

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