OnBuy Christmas Offer – Free fees in 2018

By Chris Dawson December 8, 2017 - 12:08 pm

OnBuy are offering sellers an early Christmas present. Sign up by the end of December and you’ll get the whole of 2018 subscription fee free.

OnBuy Christmas Offer

OnBuy sellers normally pay a subscription fee of £19 a month, but this is being reduced to zero as part of this one-off package. You’ll pay the subs for December and then will not pay any monthly subscription fees at all in 2018. If you’re interested in jumping in early with OnBuy as they start to accelerate their expansion plans this appears to be a pretty good deal. We know you’re run off your feet as Christmas approaches, but if OnBuy is on your radar for 2018 then two minutes to sign up before the New Year is going to make sense.

OnBuy Christmas TV Ads

The seller offer comes as OnBuy signs a deal with ITV for prime-time slots on all its channels across Christmas and New Year, with further TV advertising planned with ITV and Sky during 2018.

The Christmas campaign, launched on December 18th, will reach at least 20m UK households across ITV 1, 2, 3, 4 and Be. OnBuy advertising will be featured in key prime-time movie slots over the festive season, including ET and Harry Potter on Christmas Day. The 20-second ad will focus on OnBuy’s “Get On It!” message, encouraging shoppers and sellers alike to visit to see its offers and deals.

“We are really excited to be launching our Christmas campaign that will put OnBuy in front of tens of millions of people and make OnBuy a household name. People in the industry have been talking about us for the past year and we now have around 500,000 visitors a month using the platform, but this is the next big step in our growth that will confirm us as a major UK brand that is the alternative to Amazon.

Because we have seen such rapid growth, we are offering this one-off package for sellers to get on board now ahead of OnBuy becoming a household name. Put simply, now is the time to sign up! We have a significant spike in our online traffic in the run-up to Christmas and we expect this surge to continue into the New Year.”
– Cas Paton, Managing Director of OnBuy

December has already been the busiest month ever for OnBuy, which is on track to have half a million visitors during the month as Christmas shoppers take advantage of its deals. OnBuy offers some of the best deals for shoppers available anywhere online which they attribute to reduced commission fees for sellers, enabling them in turn to offer lower prices for consumers.

  • Andrew Richmond
    1 year ago

    Amazon 183 million visitors per month
    Ebay 167 million active users per month

    So what is 500,000 ??? Is there independent corroboration even for that figure, other than OnBuy claiming it?

    This is Chris’s quote about Onbuy in Nov 2016:
    “OnBuy will have to quickly build a mass of consumers buying on the site in order to keep retailers engaged with the site. Online sellers are very prosaic and if a marketplace is successful they’ll embrace it. All OnBuy have to do is get buyers buying and seller recruitment will take care of itself.”

    So, how about actual sales?

    There’s an open goal from dissatisfied Ebay and Amazon sellers, so where’s the beef?

    • 1 year ago

      Hi Andrew

      Thank you for your comments. We realise that 183m to 500k users per month may at first sound like a needle in a haystack, but the math behind hitting 500k is quite the opposite.

      Assuming that all 183m visitors are actually shopping from marketplace, which may well not (Prime TV, Kindle, App management, and of course Amazon Retail taking a large percentage of that traffic)

      0.273% of Amazons UK traffic, at this stage would equate to a much higher percentage of actual marketplace-sellers exposure, pro-rata. The two traffic counts are not directly comparable. For example, 0.273% of Amazons UK turnover is still a very healthy slice of the online market share, and great starting position for OnBuy.

      500k users is also only our starting-point for 2018, but we know we have a long way to go to hit numbers that we aspire to achieve. We are, however, committed to growth and that means that we can only improve from where we are. One of the keys for successfully increasing visitors is the increase in product range – we cannot market as aggressively as we wish, without introducing more product to the website.

      With no subscription fees in all of 2018, combined with multiple channel system integrations now either delivered or soon to be delivered, the risk to sellers is very low, and the opportunity is actually very high. Sellers have the option to be a much larger fish in a smaller pond, rather than potentially lost in the Prime-biased amazon marketplace, with thousands of sellers, many millions of listings and te continued threat of Amazon Retail sourcing and selling the product with clear buy-box dominance.

      We are looking for long-term partners that are see the value in a UK marketplace, and want to work closely with us. With the 2018-free offer, hopefully OnBuy will see a large number of new etailers join, who wish to capitalise on the risk-free opportunity, and build a reputation on the platform and secure a viable additional channel for their business.

      We hope that this information is useful, thank you for your comments and interest in OnBuy.

      OnBuy Team

  • JD
    1 year ago

    How many visitors per month to eBid? Just askin ….. LOL

  • 1 year ago

    I have looked at it before and for many reasons that I forget did not sign up.

    Just tried to sign up and looks like you have to be approved

    “We’re glad you’re keen to work with OnBuy! Please complete our seller interest form below and we will contact you within one business day to discuss your product range and ensure that OnBuy will work for you. Thank you for your interest in OnBuy, we really look forward to working with you soon.”

    If you make sellers jump through hoops to sign up no wonder very few people use it.

    • SAM
      1 year ago

      @Tyler we have an OnBuy account, we were paying them £50 a month for nothing at one point. Now the initial idea was good, flat £50 (PLUS VAT) and NO FEES. The issue not enough sellers got on board, I thought it was a no brainer.
      Trust me I would rather pay £50 than the thousands I pay eBay and Amazon every month.
      Were not on their right now (we need to make money and if everyone insists on paying more to shop of the big two) we have to be there.
      There was a big fan-fair TV ads still not seen one, no social media was done or anything was not impressed.
      We had an agent call us and ask us if we would like to sign up again 3 months free and they were getting music magpie on board (don’t say that buddie, that is not a big selling point). Again we tried the 3 months and nothing. By then peak was on us so I had to have stock in the right places.
      I did say we would look again, it is new and all that, but they need more sellers and ones who make it attractive to buyers, we see pre-owned stock on there for the price we sell brand new right now, pointless if your more expensive for less than on eBay or Amazon
      I also found the communication pretty poor from them, the tickets that never got answered etc.
      We will keep an eye, along with BUUY, as we really need something new in the UK market for 2018.
      We just sold some new releases on Game by the time I pay the FEES were not even breaking even, we need a marketplace that works for us now.

      People are quick to trample start-ups and new marketplaces, but we like to try them, there is clearly demand for a new market but people must give them a shot.

      What I would like to see Tamebay do is run some articles on more sites in the EU, the UK market is pretty much dominated by Amazon these days.

    • 1 year ago


      Big respect for you trying… It reminds me of a scenario I went through 20 years ago with the London Weekly Advertiser (anybody still got a copy).

      I paid for 6 months advertising in advance, 6 months came & went and I declined to renew due to lack of sales. They continued my advert for another 6 months for free (as a page filler), sending me a copy each week and then went bust.

      In 12 months of advertising for the cost of 6 months at a discounted rate, 10 years later I was still out of pocket, even in re-purchases.

      My problems with OnBuy is that I do not want to spend a week creating a catalogue of items for them and others to use, I just don’t have time and I even refuse to do it on Amazon. Should I use them, I have no way of controlling stock to sync with the other BIG2 and my own web site, which at any time of year would be a pain.

      But I always had an incling that they would not give the support to customers expected from a start up. Amazon & eBay get away with it because they get you sales.

    • 1 year ago

      Hi Tyler

      Thank you for your comments and interest in OnBuy.

      We realise that we have recently restricted sign-up, but this has proven to be crucial for OnBuy. It’s very important that OnBuy take steps to review sellers for a range of positive reasons.

      We don’t want fraudsters to be able to quickly sign up, particularly with no subscription fees, nor do we want to consumers to list their old products for sale, and also, very importantly, we want to talk to sellers and understand how we can help each other, to try and draw immediate opportunities out of our new relationships.

      We do invite you to sign up – we are taking huge steps for 2018 and would love you to be a part of it.

      OnBuy Team

    • 1 year ago


      Hi Sam – please reach out to our seller team, we would be very interested in building a relationship with you. We realise your concerns and are saddened that you are not selling with us over this period, our sales are up 600% and many products in your category are selling very well.

      It would be great to get you back on!

      OnBuy Team

  • Nortumbrian
    1 year ago

    Starting your Christmas ad campaign
    On the 18 th ,is a tad late to make your mark for this Christmas is it not?

    • 1 year ago

      Hi Nortumbrian

      Not selling with us yet?

      We are starting on the 18th to kick-off our nationwide-wide branding exercise, which sets the tone for our 2018 intense marketing campaign. We’re on a substantial build-up to Christmas 2018, where our major nationwide Christmas campaigns with ITV, Sky and C4, will start in September 2018.

      We realise that the delivery of Linnworks, StoreFeeder, VOLO, ChannelAdvisor and the support of Google Shopping feeds, mean that OnBuy can deliver a large range of products throughout 2018, which makes wide scale marketing more efficient.

      We’d love you to join! We certainly are not slowing – and we’re happy to receive criticism and improve upon the feedback we receive.

      OnBuy Team

    • 1 year ago


      I do not see them starting on the 18th as being too late, personally I think it is probably a good time to start a campaign.

      Obviously they are not targeting the Christmas shoppers, although they might pick up a few last minute shoppers.

      One of my best months for sales used to be January, I used to send a 250,000 mail shot out on Christmas eve. This was timed to land on buyers door mats between Christmas & new year.

      Most people are feeling quite positive at that time of year and usually have money to spend, Christmas is over and they can relax.

    • northumbrian
      1 year ago

      we think its probably more to do with advertising rates than targeting

    • 1 year ago

      Is Tv advertising cheaper at Christmas during prime viewing slots?

      Probably giving them away for next to nothing then….

      I think you are just having a pop at them for no reason.

      It looks to me like they are trying to build a business and I for one give them full credit for trying.

    • northumbrian
      1 year ago

      we try to?
      though we cant spend it or eat it
      if a business cant take scrutiny tough!

  • David
    1 year ago

    This site is a total joke….

    The post above says they have just signed a TV add deal, this was promised to sellers at the start of 2017 but never happened.

    even sub free, they don’t attract enough customers to warrant the time it would cost us to add all our SKU’s to the platform, as they don’t offer any links with the well-known channel management systems.

    Until this site starts bringing in customers, with real sales, and ROI then its not a player in the market and never will be.

    • 1 year ago

      Hate to be the one to point out that their last TV ad campaign did take place 😉

    • Alan Paterson
      1 year ago

      @ David, your information is incorrect. although I do share your views concerning the actual site.

    • 1 year ago

      Hi David,

      Thank you for your comments regarding OnBuy.

      We have already undertaken a pretty large ITV2 campaign in the summer and it was successful. Our sales have been consistently increasing since then.

      However, we are keen to secure sellers and diverse product range, before increasing that investment in wide-audience marketing. We need sellers like you to give OnBuy a chance, and we’re trying to make that as risk-free as possible, so we’re giving all 2018 subscription-free, to help entice sellers to give us a try.

      As for channel systems, we are currently integrating with StoreFeeder (as featured on their website), ChannelAdvisor is due in January, and Linnworks has a stock & order app. We can create products by CSV/XML, and we can even use Google Shopping feeds.

      I hope that this information is useful and we do hope that you reconsider your position on OnBuy.

      OnBuy Team

    • David
      1 year ago


      Thats great news, but again only a small number of intergrations, I dont want to have to mess around with CSV files, oversell products, and then run the risk of getting bad feedback

      Granted the number of Channel Managment systems out there, is huge, so here is an idea, (which no doubt will take you guys another 2 years to do) why not setup a plugin for Shopify, Magento, most sellers who sell online, also have there own website too, so rather than having to handle 20 / 30 diffrent channel managemnt systems, most people would use one of the 2 websites above to manage stock.

      But hey, I guess no one is smart enough to think like that.

      As for the comments on the add’s over the past year, well I am more than happy to hold my hands up with the comments from Chris, and Alan, but I myself haven’t seen one add… No one for OnBuy, and I have seen hundreds of other online portals where I can go and spend my money

      Your asking for companies, some of which small family run business to spend time and money to invest in your platform, but you haven’t got the funds yourself to go up against the big companies.

      You really are missing the point on this whole topic. If you did things correctly, you would have a HUGE amount of pi$$ed off sellers from eBay and Amazon that would flock to your door, but you don’t have the basics compleated and it’s the basics that are needed no fancy pants TV adds with ITV.

    • 1 year ago

      Hi David

      Thank you for your comments.

      We do support stock & price updates (and orders) in CSV, but we also support Linnworks, and other channels are in development. We are focusing our integrations based on demand from our live sellers. Yes, delivering Magento sooner would potentially cause a surge in sellers, but we have taken a slightly different approach and I wanted to reply with some feedback from our team to explain why.

      OnBuy is committed to our live sellers; we have been working to improve sales volumes as fast as possible for our committed sellers first. We are also working hard to deliver many features and functions, and supporting integrations for our live sellers. We believe this to be ‘smarter’ than simply integrating with every channel possible and opening the floodgates, because we knew that by deferring the integration of channels, we could steady the flow of new sellers. That way, we can work on improving OnBuy, before having to manage thousands of requests for the same features (if we had opened the floodgates too early).

      We have opted to grow in a managed and constructive way, to ensure that OnBuy is a positive place to sell, before we let thousands more sellers jump on board.
      This is also why OnBuy stopped direct seller sign up; we restricted sign up so that we could work with sellers to ensure that we can deliver on sales – otherwise, we politely requested that sellers defer joining, in order to ensure that we can offer them a good service. We have been working hard to launch in stages and focus on different categories month by month.

      While we still have a long way to go in terms of growth, that growth is an opportunity for you now (with little risk), to become a big fish in a small pond. OnBuy is committed to continuous growth, and you can be part of it while competition is low.

      Now that we are coming to the end of our major development requests (with around 3 months of major development remaining), we are starting to introduce new feature requests, and this has seen Magento and VOLO added to our queue. We have also added Royal Mail Click & Drop, Parcel2Go and other key partners to our development queue. We have every intention of developing many integrations to make OnBuy more accessible throughout 2018.

      In response to your comment, Magento will not take two years to complete, instead it will be live in the second quarter of 2018. We’ve come a long way since our launch only a year ago: we now have 500k visitors (a figure that is rising quickly), and we have committed large sums to marketing in 2018 – even committing to adverts this year to set the tone for next year. We are certainly not slowing, and not afraid to spend money. OnBuy has invested millions to date in staffing, development, marketing, infrastructure, technology and operation. We have a considerable marketing budget that we are keen to unlock, but it has to happen in stages.

      I’m very sorry that you missed our TV advert, but our chosen demographic was limited. This campaign acted as a trial which was suited our product range at the time. We only ran on ITV2, and for a limited time (3 weeks). As a new platform, the campaign was not only designed to spread brand awareness, but helped us to learn that we cannot simply invest millions and step back. The platform requires a constant ‘shuffle’ of more products, then more marketing, then repeat. The concept of flooding with products followed with a big investment is a great theory, but in reality, integration partners need to see credibility increase over time – many would never integrate with an unlaunched and unproven marketplace. Some sellers think this way too, so have not joined until they feel they should – these are things outside of our control that take time.

      Our proposition isn’t quite so one sided as you describe – we are actually only suggesting that you consider a new channel for your business to sell – whilst we make it efficient and affordable to do so. We are inviting sellers to join for 2018 and make a judgement based on our 12 month performance. We’re not asking for any great commitment and we’ve waived all of the fees in 2018.

      We are not asking for you to take big risks – and we will invest considerably in those sellers who do take the jump. Waiting for Magento (if it’s needed) is a perfectly valid reason to not join OnBuy and the integration will come in Q2 2018, removing that obstacle and hopefully making OnBuy a viable consideration for your business.

      We do hope that one day you will see the value of OnBuy. The sellers who join us now will benefit from early exposure, and earn rank/positioning on OnBuy – giving them an early edge for taking the jump. We are more than happy to wait for the non-believers to convert! Hopefully this won’t take too long!

      The OnBuy Team

  • 1 year ago

    Needs easy integration before we consider it, needs a shopify app to link to/from other platforms.

    • 1 year ago

      Hi A

      We have been working with some sellers on Shopify, ahead of an app. We will review our development list for Q2 2018, so please get in-touch with us now and we’ll add you to a list of sellers needing Shopify, which will count as a vote towards that integration.

      Thank you, hopefully we will have you selling on OnBuy soon!

      OnBuy Team

    • 1 year ago

      Needs a WooCommerce connection as well.

      Royal Mail have just added a API connection for WooCommerce users due to the demand.

  • 1 year ago

    we are a seller on Onbuy, and I have to say that sales have been excellent – although smaller than the other channels at the moment.
    And with the reduction in fees etc coming in 2018, it really is a no brainer now.

    Traction did take a little while, but the sales are coming though quite nicely now and with integrations coming (to Channeladvisor especially) soon, we only expect this to ramp up significantly.
    PS – this is an impartial comment. I am not associated with Onbuy !

    • 1 year ago

      Thank you Simon

      We can see sales increasing across the board, and that is only going to improve.

      We have so much coming, 2018 is going to be very exciting.

      Your sales will continuously grow over the next few years, as we continuously invest more money, as our product range increases.

      OnBuy Team

  • will
    1 year ago

    The site is not available yet!?

    Search brings up this:

    503 Service Unavailable
    No server is available to handle this request.

    • OnBuy
      1 year ago

      Hi Will,

      Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately our hosting provider, UKFast is experiencing a power outage, causing our website to be temporarily inaccessible. This is affecting hundreds of other businesses across the UK. We hope all will be resolved as soon as possible.

      In the meantime, you can view updates by following this link:

      Best regards, OnBuy Team

  • OnBuy
    1 year ago

    Hi Will,

    Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately our hosting provider, UKFast is experiencing a power outage, causing our website to be temporarily inaccessible. This issue is affecting hundreds of businesses across the UK.

    We hope all will be resolved as soon as possible.

    Best regards, OnBuy Team.

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