eBay Challenge: Build a full size Star Wars TIE Silencer

By Chris Dawson December 4, 2017 - 10:11 am

Imagine you’re a young kid, mad on Star Wars and even do Jedi training at a Star Was club… and then one day you go out and come face to face with a full size replica of a TIE Silencer. Well no need to imagine, we’ve got the video to show just how gobsmacked six kids from Peterborough Jedi Fan Club were when it happened to them.

eBay challenged the legendary YouTuber Colin Furze to build the TIE Silencer using parts exclusively sourced on the eBay marketplace. Not content with this massive challenge, Colin who previously built a Rogue One AT-ACT recruited James Burton from XRobots to build a BB-9E droid that actually works!

It’s all to ride the wave of the euphoria surrounding Star Wars – The Last Jedi which will be in cinemas from the 14th of December. It’s a fantastic way to put the eBay marketplace in front of Star Wars fans and if that’s you then you can go and see the TIE Silencer at Burghley House near Peterborough, where it’s on display until Sunday the 10th of December.

If you can’t get to Peterborough then of course you can still find plenty of Star Wars merchandise on eBay. Plus if you can’t wait until the cinema debut on the 14th, you can watch the trailer for The Last Jedi online.

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