CWU hints at progress in Royal Mail pensions dispute

By Dan Wilson December 6, 2017 - 4:52 pm

It looks like the negotiations required by the High Court in London between the CWU and Royal Mail, that postponed the strikes called by the union, are bearing fruit.

The Royal Mail and CWU (Communications Workers’ Union), under the terms of the Agenda for Growth document, are required to undertake third party adjudicated

Terry Pullinger, deputy general secretary, said in a video: “We are making considerable progress. We genuinely believe we are on course to achieving an agreement. I feel that the conversation now is in a fundamentally far better than it was before we balloted. So as we sit here today we have, I think, a far more philosophical agreement with the employer.”

Royal Mail too has made positive noises about the process: “The mediation process was helpful in bringing Royal Mail and the CWU together to advance the discussions, Mediation has helped both parties to better understand their respective positions.”

It’s fair to say that any indication that Royal Mail strikes can be a avoided is good news and the union will also want to ensure their members are looked after too. It’s rarely the case these days that workers go on strike unless they really feel it’s essential. The ballot of members was decisive and significant because the issues go to core of fundamental issues for posties, like pensions.

And from past experience the only winners from a strike by Royal Mail workers are competing courier firms who benefit greatly from filling the despatch void left by Royal Mail over the course of a few days and many merchants, having used those services, don’t return to Royal Mail afterwards.

  • 9 months ago

    Glad to hear that both parties are near to solveing the dispute

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