After a decade I’m still disappointed I can’t leave feedback on eBay Motors

By Chris Dawson December 12, 2017 - 10:11 am

You may have noticed it snowed this weekend? That being the case I purchased a 4×4 Ford Ranger on eBay Motors so I’m now well equipped and ready for a bit of inclement weather.

I should point out that the timing with the snow was entirely chance, I’ve been in the market for a new motor for some time and browsing eBay happened to spot a suitable vehicle on Saturday evening. I rang the seller, arranged to see it Sunday lunch time and we did a deal.

I’ve lost count of the number of cars I’ve purchased on eBay Motors over the years, I think this is number 8 but it could be my ninth purchase. Number 7 (I think) is still on my drive and in daily use and I wanted something as drivable but that could easily transport a decent load and still have four doors and five seats so the Ranger seemed perfect. It’s the second Ranger I’ve bought on eBay motors and a lot better looking than the first which I purchased back in 2006.

I love eBay Motors but there’s one thing that’s always annoyed me when buying a car – I’ve never once left feedback for the sellers. In this case Patrick, a motor trader at Weybridge Car & Van deserves a big green tick and five star detailed seller ratings but as the eBay listing was a classified ad it’s effectively an off-eBay transaction and so outside the scope of eBay feedback.

I understand why eBay don’t allow feedback on Classified Ads, they have no visibility on whether a transaction took place or not so it would be open to abuse. It is strange that they’ve never introduced a review system so that sellers could recommend (positively or otherwise) sellers that they trade with. I’d be more than happy to recommend Patrick and Weybridge Car & Van, eBay just don’t let me.

Have you ever purchased a car on eBay Motors? If not why not – you can buy from private sellers and you can buy from motor traders. It’s no difference to to buying from the local free ads or wandering around car dealerships, the only difference is you can do it from the comfort of you mobile, tablet or computer sitting on your sofa. Next time you’re thinking of buying a car give eBay a try.

  • northumbrian
    1 year ago

    another great big lump clogging up the A339

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