WorldFirst support AUD Australian Bank account in time for Amazon launch

By Chris Dawson November 24, 2017 - 10:05 am

WorldFirst today added AUD Australian Bank account support for businesses and online sellers to its recently launched World Account platform – the addition of the new accounts coincides with Amazon’s own high-profile launch Down Under. The new AUD currency accounts are free-to-open and maintain, meaning businesses will not be charged with a monthly fee to use.

The new AUD accounts make it easier, cheaper and simpler for global businesses outside of Australia to trade in Australia, enabling them to receive money from Australian customers in AUD and pay Australian suppliers in local currency. Operating ‘like a local’ enables businesses to avoid international banking fees commonly associated with cross-border, cross-currency transfers.

You will need an AUD Australian Bank account in order to collect remittances from sales on Amazon Australia. As Amazon are still in test phase down under (and if you’re not completely snowed under with Black Friday sales today) then you’ve still time to get your products listed in time for the full launch after Amazon finish test sales in Australia.

“We’ve been committed to the Australian market since 2008, our office in Sydney was our first international office. Since then, we’ve seen more and more UK businesses express an interest in doing more in the region given the common ground between our two countries. The launch of Amazon’s marketplace will make it easier for international businesses to sell into Australia while our AUD accounts will make sure they can get paid fast for their hard work.”
– Jonathan Quin, CEO, WorldFirst

WorldFirst AUD account holders will get their own unique bank account details where they can receive funds from sales on Amazon or other marketplaces or pay suppliers giving them full control of all their international payments. The new AUD accounts will sit alongside the already launched CAD, EUR, GBP, JPY and USD accounts.

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