Using eBay markdown promotions for Black Friday sales

By Chris Dawson November 2, 2017 - 8:30 am

If you’ve been accustomed to using eBayMarkDown Manager, then you should be aware that the tool has been moved and is now part of eBay’s new Promotions Manager.

Title your promotions to promote Black Friday offers

With Black Friday fast approaching, did you know that you could tag your eBay Markdown promotions with a Sale Event Banner which is visible to buyers? It would make sense over the sales period to use this to display specific Black Friday and Cyber Monday messaging to attract buyers.

How to create an eBay Markdown sales event

To create an eBay Markdown sales event, simply log into eBay Promotion Manager, click create a promotion and select ‘Sale event + markdown’. You can then choose to set a promotion for a specific set of individually selected set of up to 500 products or for up to 10,000 listings in a single promotion set rules by category or via filters to include products in the sale. It’s also possible to set multiple discounts so don’t think that all products have to have the same percentage knocked off – tailor promotions according to the margins you wish to retain.

If you previously had sales events set up in eBay MarkDown Manager then these will continue to run until they expire, but all new campaigns which you create will now be managed in eBay Promotion Manager which is available to all sellers who have an active eBay Shop subscription. Watch the video to learn more:

  • lee graves
    1 year ago

    hi, i sent in an email to Tamebay yesterday advising that the new markdown manager does not work at all

    • lee graves
      1 year ago

      Copy of message sent in yesterday –


      I read the Tamebay newsletter everyday and find it thoroughly informative. Keep up the good work.

      My ebay username is and I am one of the largest sellers of collectables on (and probably the largest seller of british cigarette and trade cards on the internet).

      My customers love a discount and I always have sale events running every week. Last week was when ebay stopped using the old markdown manager and forced us to use the new sale event in the marketing tab under promotions. I had been dreading the day as I suspected the new system would not be fit for purpose, and it isn’t. It just does not work. The first time I went to use it I selected my inventory that was listed under the ebay category collectables (I have over 29,000 items in this category) and the system put 3 (yes three) items into the sale. On Monday this week I selected one of my shop categories with 384 items and tried to put a half price sale on. The system placed 10 (ten) items into this sale. I telephoned customer support (ebay concierge) and was informed that there now had to be a 24 hour break between sale events. On Tuesday I repeated Mondays sale event and the system placed 20 (twenty) items into the sale. On Wednesday (today) I repeated the same sale event and the system placed zero items into the sale. I have tried to put other sale events in place without much success. Yesterday, after putting 2 new sale events on , I tried to put a third sale event on and the system took me back to the old markdown manager where I was able to use it and get around 5000 items on sale. Today was the same and I managed to get another 4500 items or so in a sale via the old markdown manager but you only get transferred to the old version after creating 2 or 3 new sale events in promotions manager.

      My fixed price sales have been down around 70% due to not being able to discount my items (since last thursday) and it may be useful for any other ebayers that rely on markdowns for sales to know that there is still a way to use the old markdown manager (for now anyway). I am in daily contact with Dean from ebay concierge who has made the tech team aware of the issues and he says something should happen within 72 hours (I will believe that when I see it).

      Imagine all the unhappy sellers that are unable to get their items into sale events…………. just as we enter the month that features black friday.

      Regards Lee Graves

    • 1 year ago

      Thanks for posting Lee, sorry I didn’t see your email. You can always get me direct at if you used a different address or webform?

    • Laura Ann
      1 year ago

      Mine’s the same, not working at all. Been trying for the last week or so. It adds all the items into the sale event when I’m creating it but then when the sale goes live it skips every single item out saying- SKIPPED: Price.

      It’s as if it thinks I’ve altered the price in the last 30 days but I have not, not touched the listings, altered the price or even revised any of the listing at all. Only thing I might have done is revised quantities.

      Spoke to two eBay reps, one said it’s a known fault they’re working on it, no fix date. Another said it’s because I already have a promotion (buy 5 or more items and save 10%) but this is an order discount promotion I’ve had running for years, not a sale event markdown, and I’ve always been able to run markdowns in the markdown manager that ran concurrently with these order discount offers. Up until I was changed over to this new system it was no problem at all creating a markdown sale on items that were including in an order discount promotion type. They’re two different types of promotion. It was simple, listing would just say: price was £9.99 now £4.99, if you buy 5 or more you save a further 10%. Always worked fine.

      I’ve even tried creating a sale event markdown for items that are not including in my other promotion and it still doesn’t work, get the same result – SKIPPED: Price.

    • James
      1 year ago

      Are you listing with third party listing software?

    • Laura Ann Reed
      1 year ago

      Hi James,

      No, not using any third party listing software

  • lee graves
    1 year ago

    Forgot to add that ebay are still looking into the issues as a matter of urgency (according to ebay concierge).

  • lee graves
    1 year ago

    James – I use sixbit to list my items.
    Laura – try putting on 3 new sail events one after the other. On the third occasion (maybe the 4th) you will be taken to the old markdown manager where you will be able to put a sale on.

    • Laura Ann
      1 year ago

      Hi Lee,

      Thanks, I’ll give that a try and hopefully I’ll be able to get back to the good old markdown manager 🙂

  • Laura Ann
    1 year ago

    Hi James,

    No, not using any third party listing software

  • 1 year ago

    I list on USA and have just been forced off Markdown Manager. Yes, MM was a bit clunky and it was a hassle to move items between sales, but it worked well at what it was designed to do.

    Promotions manager as a replacement to Markdown Manager is a major step backwards.

    I can’t populate a sale with the contents of a previous sale like I used to do with MM. That makes it very hard to restart a sale when the previous one is about to end. I had to develop an offline tool to work around this major feature shortfall.

    I don’t seem able to add an item to a sale once it is started (but I can remove one – why the difference?). Instead I am forced to start a whole new promo if I create a listing and want it to show initially with a discount. So I’m going to have a hundred promos by the end of each month that then need to be consolidated when I restart the cycle next month. Also it takes MUCH longer for the sale price to kick in. So people who track new listings in real time (like me) will see the pre-sale price in their feed and never see the discounted price.

    Markdown manager regarded all sales as a single promo for the purposes of populating the promo box that eBay (annoyingly) puts above the description box forcing the description below the “fold” (further compounding the problem of people not reading the description?). Under MM it would pick the most appropriate cross sells from the whole population of items with sale pricing. Now it seems to limit the choice to items within the same promo as the item being viewed which is a problem with the proliferation of one-item promotions mentioned above.

    I’ve generally been OK with seller hub as I don’t use it much but I’m starting to have sympathy with the folks complaining that it’s creating more problems that it solves.

    I think eBay is well-intentioned but they just don’t seem to have any clue what it’s like to run a business on their platform. Hal recognized that and championed the ‘eat your own dog food’ program but I guess that’s no longer going to be a priority.

    They really need some seller advocacy folks recruited from the ranks of full time sellers who are responsible for reviewing proposed developments and providing helpful feedback to the product managers on what the implications of their ideas would be in production rather than forcing half-baked ideas upon the long suffering seller.

  • Godot
    1 year ago

    Markdown manager works good on, but still not working correctly on I tried many times in different days but still failed. The error message says:
    On sale The item was successfully discounted.
    Removed The item was successfully reset to its original price.
    Pending The item is waiting to be discounted, or the item is waiting to be reset to its original price.
    Removing You have flagged this item for removal from the sale and it will be reset to its original price.
    SKIPPED: Already discounted We can’t discount items that are already marked down.
    SKIPPED: Maximum Your markdown didn’t meet the maximum discount. See help for details.
    SKIPPED: Minimum Your markdown didn’t meet the minimum discount. See help for details.
    SKIPPED: Minimum price Your discount puts your item price below eBay’s minimum listing price for this site.
    SKIPPED: Not discounted We can’t reset the price because the item wasn’t in the Markdown sale.
    SKIPPED: Price We can’t discount items that are too new or have changed price recently. See help for details.

  • Andy R
    1 year ago

    Agree with the above posts: the “new” markdown manager DOES NOT WORK !!!

    Try it for yourself: select any number of items and it will either edit none of them or a tiny handful at best, with gobbledegook excuses as to why the vast majority aren’t eligble.

    And for the last few days there have been hundreds of error reports in the auto relist log like these:

    Internal error to the application

    The requested data is currently not available due to an eBay system error. Please try again later.

    System temporarily unavailable, please try listing again

    This item can’t be accessed because the listing has been deleted, is a listing, or you aren’t the seller

    It’s also impossible to list items due to pictures not uploading as Ebay is “not a secure site”.

    It’s complete and utter shambles again.

    Does Rob Hattrell even know or care about all this crap that sellers have to put up with?

    Never mind the PR shtick, there are flames coming out from under the bonnet, Mr Hattrell.

  • alan paterson
    1 year ago

    I ran a promotion the first day the new promotion manager was launched. ok, only a small amount of promotions – I was really just testing it. Anyway it worked fine. Are you guys doing it right?

    • Dave
      1 year ago

      Not working for me either. I’m getting the ‘skipped – price’ message. Markdown manager seems to have been re-enabled for now though (was disabled for me previously, hence using the new thing), so I’ve had to use that instead.

      Pretty standard fayre for eBay these days.

    • Dave
      1 year ago

      I’ve given up trying to use this thing. Constantly getting the ‘Skipped – price’ error.

      Evidently you can’t include listings that have recently had the prices changed. How recent is recent? Last week? 18 months ago? Who knows. eBay don’t seem to think that its pertinent information and don’t tell you. It appears that it counts listings that have been marked down in Markdown Manager and gone back up to full price since as having their prices changed ‘recently’ too.

      Maybe eBay will create a series of three video’s explaining how to use this too.

      In the meantime, I’ll continue to use Markdown Manager as that still appears to work just fine.

  • Dean
    1 year ago

    We can’t get anything to work much on eBay anymore. Called for some help with markdown manager I was promised a call back 2 weeks ago.

    We are giving up as of now and moving stock to amazon.

    eBay is a mess and they only value high turnover businesses that make eBay money but not money themselves as they mark down prices so low there is no profit.

    Sales are down 16% this month everyone is panicking on the forums. Thing is eBay ran a huge promotion last year offering customer discounts. They have not repeated it this year so of course sales are down, but many sellers are panicking trying to work out why the drop in sales.

    Glad we don’t rely on eBay for our income

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