Use PayPal to fund an investment account with Acorns

By Dan Wilson November 21, 2017 - 6:11 am

If you have a PayPal account then you can now use it to fund your activities with the interesting micro-investment platform called Acorns.

The idea behind the firm is that you don’t need a whole stack of wedge to become an investor and even small amounts can be significant. The company is entirely app based and specifically encourages, and enables, millennials to save for their future with what it calls “spare change” investments.

As PayPal notes in their announcement: “We’re thrilled to announce you can now use PayPalto fund an investment account with Acorns. Once you link your PayPal account to Acorns, you can choose to set-up a recurring or one-time investment funded from your PayPal account. This gives you an even easier way to save and invest money to lead healthier financial lives.”

“Once your accounts are linked you can easily monitor your Acorns account right from within PayPal — online and in the PayPal mobile app — in order to provide you better visibility as you build your long-term savings.”

“Together, Acorns and PayPal are helping democratize financial services and offering innovative solutions to the people typically underserved by the current system. These new features are starting to roll out to select U.S. PayPal customers today, and will be available for all U.S. customers by early 2018.”

  • Joy Jenkins
    3 years ago

    It would be good to hear who, what and where Acorns invests in and who exactly are Acorns?

    • james
      3 years ago

      if only there was a link in this article to the Acorns website, where one could peruse portfolios, asset investments, FAQ’s and the like.

  • Ola
    3 years ago

    When are they rolling out to UK!

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