24% of shoppers buy in store when they Click & Collect

By Dan Wilson November 13, 2017 - 6:29 am

In recent years retailers offering click & collect have become more numerous and prolific. Shoppers bag their goods online and then collect them in store at their convenience.

Retailers which have made particular use of click & collect include John Lewis and Argos. eBay has partnered with Argos to offer click & collect sevices, needless to say.

And a survey of European shoppers shows that not only is it a popular with shoppers service but click & collect offers genuine benefits to in store sales too. It’s long been argued that getting online shoppers into stores led to an uplift in sales at the retail premises and this report confirms that.

42% of consumers from France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Sweden surveyed have used it in some form in the past year. And a quarter of those then bought something else in store when they were collecting the goods.

These findings come from the the Customer Pulse 2017 report by JDA, which surveyed 8,238 consumers across Europe in France, Germany, UK and Sweden.

The JDA report says about click & collect: “Retailers see it as a strategically important fulfillment method. In order to optimize potential upsell opportunities, careful consideration must be given to the location and staffing of Click & Collect areas in-store, especially in the run up to peak sales periods.”

High street retailers continue to invest in C&C and now they have even better reason to. It’s popular with buyers to be collecting goods from a local store. And now, it’s clearly established by this research, that it does mean that the halo effect of also buying something else is a genuine phenomenon.

I cannot honestly say that I have been tempted, when collecting a purchase, to buy something else. But then I haven’t experimented with collection for eBay at the likes of Sainsbury’s. But I can easily imagine that if I was there, that I might shop for some groceries.

Which does slightly beg the question as to whether the 24% of shoppers are making incremental purchases or just getting whatever it was they meant to buy anywhere anyway.

  • james
    3 months ago

    why, in the wee man’s name, do these results come to us in the form of a survey?

    know what’s wrong with a survey? pretty much everything.

    you have actual, real, verifiable data which you could use to reach an actual, verifiable, real answer here. instead they went with dice and guesswork.

    survey’s reveal that BOTH partners in a household do approximately 70% to 90% of the housework. common sense and mathematics tell you that’s impossible. real data tells you the split is 60/40.

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