Parcel2Go Smart Send fully automates eBay shipping

By Chris Dawson November 30, 2017 - 11:10 am

Parcel2go have announced the launch of Smart Send, a new online tool that allows online sellers to import item details ready for delivery and even book their orders automatically.

Auto Send is actually really cool and a feature you’d only generally get from more expansive paid for software solutions. It means that you can set up your shipping rules for a particular product and when that items sells Parcel2Go Smart Send will import the details and automatically book the delivery. Parcel2Go can of course also Automatically mark your eBay listing as ‘Dispatched’ making the whole process seamless, automated and admin free.

“Because we’re at the forefront of the courier industry, we must constantly innovate to stay ahead. By investing plenty of time and resource into Smart Send, we’ve been able to bring something that no one else can: a free delivery solution that outmatches even paid alternatives.”
– Adam Harris, Managing Director of Comparison Sites at Parcel2Go

Main Parcel2Go Smart Send Features

Parcel2Go cite the following as the main features that set their Parcel2Go Smart Send solution aside from the competition:

  • Smart Send is a free e-commerce shipping tool from Parcel2Go, designed with sellers in mind.
  • Item details can be imported from marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon and Shopify
  • It includes an Auto Send feature, allowing user to automatically book deliveries once their items have sold.
  • Auto Send is currently available for eBay with future development planned to integrate other marketplaces.
  • The feature uses rules set by users to determine which service to use for each item imported.

With new customisation, a completely overhauled dashboard and even machine learning, these new features represent the leap forward in the parcel shipping industry for Parcel2Go.

“Auto Send is arguably the biggest step we’ve made in changing how people send since the Parcel2Go website launched in 2003, By compiling orders together and notifying a customer when those items are ready to send, it removes all of the admin work that was still taking up valuable time. With Auto Send, customers get so much of their time back, and that’s without any added cost.”
– Adam Harris

Smart Send is available now to use for free, for all Parcel2Go customers now. You simply pay for the shipping services that you use through the site.

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