eBay’s Guide to Physical Media (Which is back in vogue)

By Chris Dawson November 14, 2017 - 10:01 am

Physical media is back in fashion with 52% of Brits preferring physical books, music, film/TV and video games to digital downloads, according to eBay’s Guide to Physical Media, which has just been released.

This new insight, based on a survey of over 2,000 shoppers and eBay marketplace data, reveals that more than three quarters of British adults have bought at least one item of physical media in the last year, fuelled by the emotional appeal of ownership and an increasing desire to disconnect from the digital world.

‘Digital natives’ between the ages of 18 and 24 are playing a big part in the revival, with 83% of this age group having bought an item of physical media in the last year.

“In today’s digitised world, physical media has an emotional and social cache that appeals to our desire to own the things we love, as well as our penchant for status and showing off. Our Guide to Physical Media delves into why Brits love it and what’s behind the 830 million searches for physical media on our marketplace over the last year – a number that is set to rise as people shop for entertainment for their Christmas stocking fillers.”
– Rob Hattrell, Vice President, eBay UK

eBay’s 2017 Guide to Physical Media also finds that the average person today owns 260 physical media items – 91 CDs, 88 books, 63 DVDs/Blu-rays and 18 video games – with one in ten owning more than 300 books.

On, 58 items of physical media are bought every minute (23 books, 13 DVDs, nine CDs, nine video games and four vinyl records).

eBay’s Guide to Physical Media reveals Generation ‘Phygital’

Physical media is experiencing a revival amongst ‘digital natives’ – with vinyl showing a particular resonance with this generation. One in four 18-24 year olds have bought a vinyl record in the last year, and over a third of 18-24 year old vinyl buyers purchase vinyl at least once a month.

Nearly two thirds of 18-24 year olds have bought a real book in the last year, 56% have bought a DVD and just over half have bought a video game.

eBay’s Guide to Physical Media and The Entertainment Shop

It’s no surprise that eBay launched a curated one-stop shop for books, film, music and games – The Entertainment Shop earlier this year.

eBay’s Guide to Physical Media highlights

You can download eBay’s Guide to Physical Media or we have the highlights in the infographic below:

eBay physical media at a glance infographic

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