eBay UK is promoting Black Friday deals from brands

By Dan Wilson November 22, 2017 - 9:51 pm

You’re doubtless monitoring Black Friday deals like we are. And it was interesting to browse the eBay UK homepage this week and see what they’ve been pushing in advance of what is expected to be the biggest ecommerce selling day of 2017. It’s not just about Black Friday deals, needless to say, and we’ve seen a longer lead time than every before in advance of this retail event.

EBay UK Black Friday deals

Billed as “Big Deals from Big Name Retailers”, the likes of Argos and Superdry are getting top billing on the eBay homepage and it raises a question: where are the smaller retailers, the unique items, the interesting quirky goods that eBay often say they are devoted to? They have encouraged us all to fill our basket with colour this year. And yet this homepage selection is dull and beige and readily available elsewhere.

Now, of course, the homepage that you see is determined by quite a number of factors. This screen grab is the view from an iPad, whilst logged on with my eBay account. You may very well see something entirely different crammed full of interesting products. That would be cool. It would be excellent to see inventory that reflected my 19 years of buying history on eBay of second hand books, postcards, items of dubious taste and never, ever a Superdry cagoule.

It is tricky too for eBay to promote Black Friday deals and plug into the event in the same way a retailer or Amazon can. But it would be lovely to see some efforts next year to support the fantastic community of unique and small retailers get an ever bigger share of the Black Friday hype rather than seeing the same old faces.

What would that look like? As an eBay seller, what could they do to help you showcase your products and benefit from the marketing halo and get fantastic sales from Black Friday deals? Share your ideas.

  • james
    3 years ago

    no surprise at all.
    does anyone still peruse the Daily Deals page?
    great deals from Argos! Great deals from Homebase! Great Deals from Curries!
    – absolute crap from everyone else.

    We’re in the Home & Garden category, should be one of the main categories for ebay given the high turnover, it represents rather a large portion of ebay’s income.
    well that category in the daily deals, is taken up mainly with replacement feet for furniture. very little actuall deals on furniture, but absolute crap, loaded up with that on ebay.
    I swear it’s deliberate, nobody makes a mess that bad accidentally.

    How many deals in, say, “appliances” = 827 (mostly dyson & curries)
    How many deals in “furniture” = 16 (ALL currys)
    – one of these “Daily Deals” best on ebay, is just a picture of the Currys logo. we’re not even allowed watermarks.

  • Dave
    3 years ago

    I ignore them as they just wind me up. Curry’s, AO, Argos etc are all of my competitors…..

    There is a Samsung UBD-K8500 UHD Bluray player in the deals section. We have a listing of the same model. Underneath the advert on the detail page, it says ‘All listings for this product’, and then an button marked ‘See all 25…’ When you click on that button, our listing is NOT shown.

    I see a listing from ‘Hughes’, ‘Compton & Moore’, a few auctions and private sellers, but not my listing.

    Fab… don’t you just love eBay?

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