eBay India selling fees slashed to zero

By Chris Dawson November 15, 2017 - 4:54 pm

eBay India, now owned by Flipkart are going free free from the 21st of November. eBay India selling fees including listing and final value fees will cost sellers nothing. Don’t get too excited though, payment fees through PaisaPay are rising to cover the difference.

eBay India selling fees from 21st November 2017

Unless you are using a subscription based feature, your monthly invoice may have literally zero charges.” They added “The new fee structure is simpler which makes selling on easy and efficient. It enables the sellers to strongly focus on their performance by building an effective pricing strategy”.

There are still PaisaPay Fees which are being revised and shipping costs to pay, but the final value fees which used to be between 1% to 10% and even feature fees are to be reduced to zero. The revised fees (or lack of) will be applicable to all sellers (existing and new) and across categories on eBay India.

When eBay Inc sold eBay India to Flipkart they received a 5.44% ownership interest in Flipkart so still have an active interest in the country site.

PaisaPay fees on eBay India from the 21st November 2017

PaisaPay which used to be 4.5% to 8% of the selling price will now be charged as two separate components.

  1. Flat Fee

    Charged to sellers basis per unit sold in their transactions and ranges from INR 10 to INR 40 per unit per transaction. This is independent of the listing price.

  2. Variable Fee

    A percentage fee charged on listing price of the item and ranges from 2% to 27% per item sold.

Would you prefer simplified fees

Effectively eBay India are combining listing, final value and payment fees all into one schedule making it easier for sellers to account and reconcile their expenses. Would this be something you’d like to see on eBay in Europe although it’s highly unlikely since eBay spun off PayPal as a separate entity. It’s more akin to selling on Amazon where the fees include payment processing.

  • Sam
    3 years ago

    This actually would not be bad. We started on another site recently, after being found on this sites rival marketplace. The rivals marketplace seen this and cut our selling fees today by 3% to a flat 9%….no add on no little extras, no mis leading offers and no subscription fees…. One flat fee lets you know where you are….

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