eBay Contact information and Links Policy now in force

By Chris Dawson November 10, 2017 - 5:37 pm

eBay have reminded sellers in an Announcement Board post that the eBay contact information and links policy first announced in their Autumn Seller Release is now in full force.

If you have contact information in your eBay listings, eBay shop or pretty much anywhere other than your eBay Business Seller Information then you’re in breech of the policy. This includes links to off eBay destinations and contact information embedded in images.

eBay Contact information Enforcement

eBay will have a soft enforcement from later this month where they will start obscuring these details from your listings. If you still haven’t removed the information by next year then eBay may remove any listings that include prohibited links or contact information.

eBay say that you can find out which of your listings are non-compliant in the Seller Hub, My eBay or Selling Manager Pro. It’s also worth taking a close look at your listing and shop templates if you have them to ensure that banned information isn’t held within your template images.

Business Seller Information

As part of this change, eBay will hide the legally required Business seller information on your listings. This brings the desktop experience into line with the mobile experience where the information isn’t visible without that additional click.

eBay Messages

Whilst the latest announcement concerns your listings, we would like to add a reminder that you shouldn’t divulge contact information in eBay Messages until AFTER a sale is completed (i.e. the buyer has committed to the purchase). If you’re unsure what information it’s safe to share then eBay recently posted a series of videos to clarify.

  • Sam
    1 year ago

    Still no solution for buyers contacting sellers for warranty issues after 90 days of sale. We already had our account suspended for asking a buyer to return the faulty item to be replaced. It was sold 4 months ago and transaction had been deleted from ebay. Spoke to ebay many times and as far as they are concerned, buyer can go to hell after 90 days. One support member argued that why do we need to respond to such buyers? it took me a while to explain a years warranty to her. Do ebay care about buyers trust in ebay sellers? I don’t think so.

  • Toby
    1 year ago

    Also the URL for Listings with Contact Info Issues has fallen over & currently shows us 0, when we know they’re over 600 listings left to edit.
    We’re now unable to complete them, so our poor little apprentice has gone from Mobile Optimization, to contact Info & is now working on ensuing all our listings are https compliant, .

    In an ideal world eBay should have told us that X, Y & Z needed doing at the same time, rather than spacing out all the policies changes.

  • Leon
    1 year ago

    I have just been banned for 7 days and I am in complete shock! A customer asked for my email address to send a logo to (we make signs) and we have now been suspended for 7 days! This is our busiest time and eBay don’t care after a long call they won’t budge! They even acknowledged there was no intent to sell off eBay the customer couldn’t send his logo via a message as it was too large. It’s a disgrace and they have gone way too far now!

    • Matt
      1 year ago


      The details you required to fulfill an order COULDN’T be sent via “eBay” due to it’s size, so had to go via conventional email?, well Leon, all sounds perfectly reasonable to?, well…just about everybody else BUT eBay I guess, yet I can think of a “name” on this very forum, who would STILL (possibly) try to defend eBay’s corner 🙁 a member (I suspect) of eBay’s rah rah Brigade.

      You know, if this were made into a movie?, I’ve absolutely NO doubt it would be B rated, in fact it’s SO dumb, I doubt even BOLLYwood would touch the script with a BARGEpole..

      Sadly, clearly, the lunatics HAVE taken over the asylum, and are doing their level best to destroy what was once (and still could be, and still is in many ways) a brilliant platform.

  • jon
    1 year ago

    Yep, exactly….how do you deal with warranty issues? Not risking my account over this…so yeah, after 90 days buyers are out of luck. Not my problem.

    Christ, not even Amazon is this strict on this stuff…..

  • martin
    1 year ago

    thats terrible leon. ebay need to do something about it and not ban sellers who clearly have done nothing wrong.

    if a customer says i will email you a logo can you make me a custom product?

    how can ebay justify then automatically giving you a 7 day ban and not lifting it. the seller has done nothing.

    why dont ebay just automatically filter the email from the customers message so it never reaches your inbox in the first place?

    or ban the buyer instead for 7 days?

    is it just the seller who gets auto ban?

  • Jonah
    1 year ago

    Just so many stories regards unfair bans, people’s lives affected and companies unable to pay staff. Complete chaos on the platform, could this be the beginning of the end for eBay?
    When all the news is bad news, a tipping point will be reached- an exodus of buyers and sellers alike who are simply sick of the farce.

  • Matt
    1 year ago

    Just think people…

    eBay can ID anybody who has sent, or BEEN sent contact details, regardless of if they were requested or not?, and will act upon it at the SPEED of light, as it’s perceived to be a threat to it’s (eBay’s) profits, BUT, point-out an obvious scam, and eBay will (and do) make like the 3 wise monkeys, and why?, well…again, it would be potentially damaging to eBay’s profits, since eBay get 10%… regardless.

    In effect, the “proceeds of crime”, so perhaps crime DOES pay?

  • David
    1 year ago

    Its time for us sellers to move over to new marketplace They have easy CSV import tools for your Ebay listings. Also, no commision just Paypal fees to pay

  • John Trent
    1 year ago

    Well I have a different story. Lots of our competition have comments on their listings like “come in to our shop in XXXXX – we accept cards and cash” or “visit our website for great deals” or “call us on 0xxxxxxxxxxx to discuss any items you might want but don’t see here”

    Reporting them time and time again to ebay CS leads to nothing, no action, nothing but a big waste of time for me.

    • Rob
      1 year ago

      Similar here when I have reported sellers for using a store name where the item has come from along with the brand name. The odd one will get taken down but most of the time nothing gets done. Countless others use stock images and cut and past off other websites along with being a private seller yet clearly selling to make a profit as most of their items are new/new other which is a business. Yet ebay seem to have little to no interest in these sellers except for probably giving them free or low final value fees.

      Just seems like when someone higher up the chain pushes a policy everyone must jump even when it does not apply to most.

      Another example is product identifiers and EAN numbers, certain products even when new don’t have them even when they come from well know brands yet ebay can’t understand this.

  • Martin
    1 year ago

    Can anybody clarify?

    If a buyer messages asking for physical colour sample for a product to be sent before purchasing? and they sent there name and address upfront.

    would the seller receive a 7 day ban?

    Could the seller just delete this message and not reply and everything would be ok?

    • rob
      1 year ago

      Yes, under this instance simply ignore them completely.

      If they want a sample and haven’t given you any details then you can reply with a solution.. it could be that you set up a BIN for £0.01 for the sample then you can exchange details etc.. you just have to get a bit creative in order to comply but do what you need to do to carry on with business.

  • Martin
    1 year ago

    When running my business i can only control my actions, I can’t control the messages that land in my inbox.

    Fair enough if i replied but to receive a automatic ban for a customer sending a address to my inbox without me even replying seems very unfair.

  • rob
    1 year ago

    I have to say that this policy isnt that difficult to follow- even though its not favorable.

    There are times when io use to need to either send something via email, or be sent something via email, before purchase. I now just say buy it, then we’ll do the email exchange, and if its not suitable we’ll just cancel the sale. Its not ideal, but its not that hard.

    Likewise if a customer wants to visit my address to view an item, I make sure the listing is set to accept a “cash on collection” payment, and I get the customer to click the BIN, then they can come and view and we can then cancel the sale if needed, or just mark as paid.

    If a customer does send a phone number through messages prior to sale, I always ignore it, and usually phone CS just so there is a log that im not contacting them etc.

    Warranties for more than 90 days are also easy to deal with, I make it clear to the customer that they will only be able to contact me on ebay for 90 days after sale, after that they will have to contact me about a warranty issue directly (at that point they can have all my details, post-sale), so if they do loose my details then unfortunately that is now their problem, again, not ideal.. but thats how it has to be.

    Yes its all a abit of a pain, but I understand why they have done it, and lets face it, we all use ebay because of the huge amount of traffic, so we just have to put up with it.

    • Matt
      1 year ago

      TBF, the idea of a £0.01 BIN price for a “sample” is very good, fluffing about perhaps, but keeping you “eBay compliant”.

      If we (seller & buyer) WERE going to rip off eBay, we could/would still do it, but this way, a few unlucky sellers wouldn’t have found themselves suspended.

      Cheers Rob

    • alan paterson
      1 year ago

      Fantastic post rob. Someone who gets it.

  • Leader of the Banned
    1 year ago

    I don’t like Donald Trump but I’m sure he’d get his teeth right into eBay’s ass over this absolute insanity. Why is this not making news headlines?

    • 1 year ago

      @Leader of the Banned
      “Why is this not making news headlines?”

      Well leader, because everybody who SHOULD have fallen on eBay like a TON of bricks over the years?, the likes of Action Fraud (aka INaction fraud), the police, the media in general (TV radio, newspapers) ALL act like the THREE WISE MONKEYS.

      It would seem that crime DOES pay (in eBay’s case anyway) after all.

  • Mark
    1 year ago

    According to UK trading standards and the EU directive about online sales eBay are now breaking the law.
    The directives clearly state that all items for sale on the internet should clearly display the sellers contact details in a prominent position and must be made available to the purchaser before during and after any transaction.
    The information is to be readily available for the duration period of any warranty period for the items being sold. In the case of a shop where multiple items have varying lengths of warranty the information must be made available for the longest period of warranty. Telling a customer that after 90 days it’s their problem to contact you directly and not providing the information is not allowed.
    So eBay are forcing sellers to break the law and leave them exposed to prosecution.
    When a seller completes a sale on eBay or amazon a full terms and condition contract should be sent with the item as again just stating the terms are clearly displayed on eBay or Amazon is unacceptable and you lose instantly. I know i went to court over a faulty item with a customer and although they had broken the item themselves i lost instantly and the judge explained why.

    He also stated eBay are a company that can make rules but seem to think they
    can make laws.

    • james
      1 year ago

      yup, along with the dozens of other laws they break daily.
      but why mention it here?
      nobody is doing anything about it, the police aren’t doing anything about it, i’m not doing anything about it, you’re not doing anything about it, nobody is. so why would ebay change?
      if i was getting away with murder, why would i stop murdering?
      especially when the biggest challenge to my highly profitable killing spree is the odd blog comment.
      trading standards can’t do anything about Chinese importers, they’re probably scared of ebay’s lawyers, so ebay can do whatever they like in essence.

    • 1 year ago

      So Mark, in effect, you found yourself between a rock and a hard place?

      On the 1 hand, supply your contact details AT POINT OF SALE, and be suspended or banned by eBay, or comply with eBay’s BS rules and find yourself legally screwed ? not much of a choice, is it.

      It’s a shame the judge didn’t direct that action should be taken against eBay?

  • 1 year ago

    Further to Bay compliance. We are going through over 1000 listings which are not “compliant” . We are having to go through the html editing section which we know nothing about and have never touched. The problem appears to be two fold we used to used Channel Grabber multi channel software they have put their logo on old listings of ours, secondly we have something that says we have no idea what thats about . All we know is we have spent 2 working days going through this latest e bay hoop we are having to jump through.

    • 1 year ago

      Sadly @mair williams , this is ALL about eBay looking out for eBay.

      IF eBay took “trust & safety” seriously, and dealt with the dishonest elements within eBay (buyer & seller alike) I could understand the need to “tighten up”, but eBay PROFIT by scammers…rogue sellers & buyers alike, and simply DO NOT CARE about anything except number 1, eBay.

    • alan paterson
      1 year ago

      @ Mathew. that is not my experience at all. without exception ebay have protected me against fraudulent buyers providing I have had the tracking.

      The trust and safety team is also very pro-active. I think it was 2015 where there were 3.5 million accounts restricted / suspended for bad practices. That to me doesn’t sound as if they are doing nothing or “do not care” (as you put it).

  • Toby
    1 year ago

    We are having issues too. Some of our items require a surcharge to certain areas. It isn’t always the case and sometimes we can send them a different way to save the customer money. Currently we operate a simple ‘highlands and non uk mainland’ surcharge policy… with an addtional comment of please contact us first for details… etc.
    The idea being the customer can get in touch, tell us their address and what it is they wish to buy, we then get back to them with the options. full surcharge, cheaper surcharge via different service, no surcharge etc. This saves cancelling an order without warning and a upset customer… especially if we don’t get to see the order until the next day and the customer wanted it quickly.
    Now we can’t do that… great news for buyers who now either just get a message saying we need an extra £X or the item cancelled as we can’t send it to their address. We have to select customer request when cancelling as other wise ebay punish us… and if the customer doesnt agree, we get punished anyway.
    All in all it a poor show for us and a poor show for the customer.

    The whole thing is an unthought out sham.

  • 1 year ago


    @james remarks….
    “yup, along with the dozens of other laws they break daily.
    but why mention it here?”

    Well james, people on this site use eBay, perhaps this is a good enough reason to mention it here?.

    The idea (from my point of view) is to slap eBay around the face with the BS they get up to, on any and every “forum”, not “accept it, and move on” as some would have us do.

    I think it’s a crying shame the way eBay (the decision makers) have screwed, and continue to screw what was once a fantastic site.

    • james
      1 year ago

      I think my point was, if all you’re doing about it is commenting on blogs, then you are just accepting it.
      – as am I.
      not willingly, i’m not happy with ebay in numerous ways, and rant more than my fair share about ebay on here. but if all we do is blow air (or shuffle pixels) then ebay never change.

  • 1 year ago

    @Chris Dawson

    Morning Chris.

    Chris, do you have any idea why a post of mine is still said to be
    “awaiting moderation” some 14+ hours down the road?

    It does refer to dan (he hasn’t got back to me) as rather looking like a waste of space, perhaps that’s the problem?.

    I confess I have an issue with eBay > online fraud, a situation eBay seem happy to…overlook?, and since dan has proudly mentioned his connections with eBay UK, I thought he might have taken an interest, but instead?, he looks to be making like 1 of the 3 WISE MONKEYS, and that just seem’s to bring out the sarcasm in me, with a touch of (uncharacteristic) rudeness, born out of irritation.

    Could you please give him a (cattle) prod?, CHEERS

    All the best

    Matt 😉

  • James
    1 year ago

    All eBay sellers come on forums to complain but do you think buyers come on here to read this?

    No the don’t, they do not know what the rules are so they will send you what they feel like sending via eBay messages.

    It’s not there fault but it’s not ours either either, if eBay want to change the rules they should make it more obvious to buyers and not so much the sellers.

    I had a customer wanting to ask about collection before bidding I put all of this info in the description and specified that collection can be made if you wish once you have bid and won the item I simply replied to the customer “please read the description” they then messaged me back and gave me abuse because I wans’t falling in to the trap of providing them any sort of contact information.

    My point is buyers don’t care or have the proper knowledge of what they could unwillingly do to a sellers account just for asking a simple questions.

    I do well on eBay so I will follow their rules I just feel for anyone who is selling custom made items I’m guessing they would have had to jump ship as the workarounds would be lengthy.

    • 1 year ago


      Hi James
      I’m a buyer 99.9% of the time, and I can tell you that I came to this site (by accident) as eBay run the laughingly called “Community” forum with a ROD of iron.

      Under NO circumstances do you direct your fellow “eBay community” members “off site”. Never discuss a MOD, OR it’s actions, and never…NEVER “Name & Shame”, no matter WHAT, so, for example if I said.

      “The seller known as XXXXXXXXXXX is a SCAMMER (as he is by the way) and a shill bidder/seller of Sony Laptops” ? this remark would be removed, along with ME, BUT joey boy would/is still allowed to continue to rip people off, with the obvious blessings of eBay, and all for 10%+, the FINAL VALUE FEE, aka the proceeds of crime.

      I did post the eBay forum’s “rules of engagement” on this site, the terms upon which we are expected to abide, or risk suspension for a day, 3 days, 7, 30 or permanently (under that current ID) 🙂 Oh, and it wasn’t 1, 3, 7 or 30 days as such…it was (in all cases, except permanently) in MINUTES, so, for example, 1 day + 1,440 minutes. Only eBay eh…only eBay.

      I posted it on this forum (in another life) 🙂 under a different username, as my “name” at the time (or the system?) wasn’t playing ball, and I found I had to re register.

      It (the post) was referred to, as a “rant” by a member of this forum, who clearly had/has issues with regard to his own worth, and considers himself a LEGEND, albeit in his OWN mind, and perhaps 1 other?….wedding plans are (we believe) under way, but I, along with @Leader of the Banned are not invited. Oh dear…there there…never mind eh 🙁 yet I still wish the Groom & Groom EVERY happiness.

      Yer know, if I had a question B4 I committed myself to a purchase, I’d ask it, obviously…and if that question couldn’t fit in the box (eBay system) I’d have simply given my number or email address, and, in so doing had the SELLER suspended?

      So, in effect, due to eBay’s paranoia, we find ourselves tarred with the same brush as lying thieving scum?. er…Pot/kettle eBay?

      *****Edited by admin to remove eBay seller name*****

    • Carl
      1 year ago

      I make custom items and I will be jumping ship to Etsy soon. eBays image upload system will not allow large images to be uploaded by my customers, the customer then asks for my email address as an alternative. This is usually fine to do if the customer has already paid through eBay, however, they sometimes would like to get my opinion on their image before purchase and I cannot send them my email without having my account suspended! Some customers have misunderstood and thought that I was trying to strong-arm them into making a purchase before I was willing to share my details with them.

      eBay is a draconian business that will hopefully one day implode and take all of the narrow-minded fat cats with it.

    • 1 year ago

      I’ve noticed posts seem to…vanish? from time to time. Backdoor censorship me thinks?.

      I had a go at reporting an ongoing fraud. Obviously eBay CS was my 1st port of call, followed by eBay’s “Trust & Safety”, and in both cases I found them to be as much good as a chocolate tea pot, in fact less so, as I could EAT a chocolate tea pot.

      Next was the police ON eBay, as many forces have a site to sell-off recovered items. Of 4/5 forces contacted, only 1 replied, and suggested I ” contact eBay CS” 🙁

      Next was Action Fraud, who I soon discovered SHOULD be renamed INAction Fraud, for all the good THEY are. “If (they told me) you are not the victim of crime, we will not record it as a crime, and if not recorded as a crime, it will NOT be investigated”. SO, tell them of an ONGOING fraud, and they will do nothing about it.

      My MP Cheryl Gillan went through the motions, when she contacted
      Sup Yvette Hitch, who, in turn, instructed Sgt Nicola Upton to investigate, yet Sgt Upton confirmed (to me, in my home, that) she had NO idea of how eBay works.

      How do you explain a scam, even a scam as simple as the one I’ve discovered, to somebody who has NO idea how eBay works…or was that why Sgt Upton was chosen?…Hear no evil, See no evil.

      I thought the eBay forum was bad enough, but it would seem…I say SEEM that this site may not be much better when it comes to censorship. Posts seem to have been removed? if so, would it be by Dan?, given he was part of the team that founded eBay in the UK. Or was it down to Chris?, who, sadly seem unable to admit he made a mistake.

      I questioned (just questioned) why 1 of my posts was STILL “in moderation”, some 48 hours later, and he replied via email (words to the effect) “sorry you had to wait 20 minutes, while I was on a conference call” 🙁 It looks to have gone downhill from thereon.

    • Katie A
      1 year ago

      Matthew M

      I am not at all surprised your posts are being edited. Your attitude towards other sellers and contributors on this site is a disgrace. When folk dont agree with you then you resort to bullying them – even questioning and making fun of their sexuality.

      To help with your trolling you even change your name “removaldog”, “matthew m” and others.

      Anyone reading this – seriously look at other threads and see how this guy gets his point put across.

      I used to enjoy on here. Since your attacks on “northumbrian”, “ross k” and “alan patterson” to name but 3 – none of them have posted. How many other contributors have you chased away using all your aliases. You are just spoiling it for everyone.

      You said someone accused you of ranting – i think it was Ross K in another post. If you arent trying to ruin someones credability you are ranting. What has the above post got to do with the topic.

  • 1 year ago

    Can anybody say if a post is “edited by admin to remove…?” will the person who MADE the post be informed?, or will it (the post) be removed, or edited on the QT?

    • 1 year ago

      I refer you to the moderation policy, which answers these questions.

      The number of comments that aren’t approved on Tamebay is tiny and most are published immediately. Some do get caught in moderation and we will manually review and usually publish. Depending on the reason we will usually contact the commenter and explain why. One thing we don’t really like is the inclusion of contact details, items numbers, User IDs and the like in comments, for obvious reasons.

      If you wish to contact me directly my email address is

      Dan Wilson

    • Katie A
      1 year ago

      Hi Dan, I am glad posts are moderated and screened. But what about bullying? I was shocked to see a regular being bullied by two other members a few days ago regarding his sexuality. It continued for post after post. What is Tamebays stance on this please?

      I also notice “northumbrian” (a regular contributor) no longer posting after he was repeatedly attacked by another member.

    • 1 year ago

      I’d encourage people to drop me a note with any concerns and my email is The policy is clear and we will look at any correspondence. But the moderation approach really is “light touch” and we don’t seek to dampen even robust discussion. We trust readers to conduct themselves in a decent manner. And most of the times, that is highly effective.

      But at heart Tamebay comments must focus on this being a businesslike forum for discussion and debate. Criticise ideas and not people.

      Dan Wilson

  • Derek Duval
    1 year ago

    Ow no the PC Brigade are invading Tamebay…

    • 1 year ago

      I’m not too worried. You’re still here. 😉

    • Katie A
      1 year ago

      Well Derek, I had to say something – i was following the bullying on other threads. Having worked in social work i know how bad some folk can take it. Patterson in particular get a lot of unfair abuse on here for posting a different point of view from the norm. I also enjoyed northumbrian who was a shop steward and had short but interesting posts. All these people have been scared away. The site is being overrun by people who hate ebay.

      Thank you for your response Dan. I DO agree. Its only over the past week that it has got bad. I think your light approach normally works. I dont post much but i do like to read.

  • Derek Duval
    1 year ago

    Bullying or Banter Katie A…don’t take things to serious

    • 1 year ago

      @Derek Duval
      You got it derek, banter, sometimes self defence, but with a legitimate and honest agenda.

      @Katie A
      I came to this site to highlight scammers and shill bidders, something eBay doesn’t want to address since “the proceeds of crime” is 10%, aka the final value fee.

      Almost from the first, Alan Paterson came across as “the voice of eBay”… it’s chief “cheerleader”, and as for Ross K?, well he was helped by alan (alan saved his business by all accounts) and ross?, well ross jumped in with both feet….eyes WIDE open.

      ID’s?…I started as removaldog, suddenly had a problem with the site, so, to cure it, re-registered, and that’s as sinister as it gets. Sorry Katie, not secret plans.
      removaldog >Matthew m, that’s it katie. Care to blame me for anything/anybody else?.

      Mr Magoo katie…my Avatar, IT’S A JOKE.

      My “rant”?
      90% of that post was cut n pasted from the eBay community forum. It was the 14 BS rules and regulations of the site, designed as a gagging order. Very much open to the interpretation of the Mods, who do whatEVER can be done to prevent ebayers from warning each other of any potential threats on site, and it’s an absolute NO NO to direct a fellow member OFF site.

      You see katie, if you didn’t have you head stuck up a VERY dark place, you might…just MIGHT understand I’m trying to HELP people, but then as you’re from a “social work” background?, god help us, but it could explain a thing or two about you.

      Oh, by the way katie…do you think I’m PSYCHIC?
      How IN GODS NAME am I expected to know the mental state of a fellow forum member?. So, who are you on about? you DO seem to know everybody. Who has autism?, Alan, the successful eBayer, at what?, £10,000 pm, or Ross K?.

      As for the “above post”? The reply to James?
      J H C Woman, follow James’s comment’s , and you MAY understand what I was on about.

    • Katie A
      1 year ago

      And as if to prove my point……………… we go again from Mathew M

    • alan paterson
      1 year ago

      @ matthew m……..again we are way of topic (dejavu)

      can we please discuss the contact policy. The world does not revolve around you and your myopic anti-ebay views.

      Make your point regarding the topic, respect people who share a different opinion (especially when they are more educated and knowledgable and considerably better looking than you) and move on to either next point or topic (or different website perhaps? have you tried ebid or etsy?)

    • Katie A
      1 year ago

      Matthew M – I dont expect you to know – the reason you SHOULD know someones “mental state” is by reading the damn posts properly. It has came up several times. and is very very obvious. Go back and read his posts. You are too intent on trying to attack people without stopping to read who you are attacking. Savant has been mentioned on several posts. I am assuming you dont even know what one is.

  • Katie A
    1 year ago

    I think I know where the line is drawn Derek. I have been following these posts for days and I used to deal with social media bullying where some of my clients tried to take their own life. I dont want to be dramatic or get dramatic. One of the folk he is attacking has autism.

  • alan paterson
    1 year ago

    @ Katie A

    With respect Katy, there is no need to “intervene” on my account although you could be correct about other folk he has attacked.

    With respect to both Derek and Katie, the only differential between “bullying” and “banter” can be decided by the person it is directed at – on the receiving end.

    Personally, i don’t give a hoot either way. I suppose by not giving a hoot it would be classed as “banter” – so Derek wins that argument. I would go to say that it is impossible, and i do mean it literally, to offend me. If it were possible to offend me i would not be posting what i post on Tamebay. I am not popular expressing “pro-ebay” posts. I realise that. When one presents a strong argument and then is attacked in this manner it just serves to illustrate how weak the opposition actually is. Its funny.

    However i do appreciate the gesture Katie – i have done a couple of posts – how dare you miss them – but unlike some sellers I have been busy on my business in preparation for Xmas. ebay have thrown a fair workload at us and it is important to concentrate on that and get your listings compliant. I can categorically say that Ross is doing the same. We don’t have time to scold “whats his name today” (my name is same every day) above for his behaviour. I suggest you do the same and concentrate on your business.

    And can I end with………..(sorry) WE ARE WAY OFF TOPIC

    • Katie
      1 year ago

      i was only trying to help. A few of us were getting upset at what this guy was writing over and over again.

  • 1 year ago

    @alan paterson
    You can discuss whatever you like, alan. You don’t have to reply OR respond to my
    ” myopic anti-ebay views”

    @Katie A
    I don’t live on this forum. I read the posts I want to read.

    Confucius say “When one presents a strong argument and then is attacked in this
    manner it just serves to illustrate how weak the opposition actually is”

    Yes katie I can see the “social worker” in you. You are FULL of it.

    • 1 year ago

      Matthew M,

      This is a site for businesslike discussions, about business related issues, conducted in a convivial manner. Robust discussion is welcome. Personal attacks are not. I politely ask you to tone down your personal remarks and debate in a professional manner.


      Dan Wilson

    • alan paterson
      1 year ago

      I do feel compelled to respond to your posts Matthew m

      When you go off topic, report things that are factually inaccurate, troll ebay (and other sellers) and (as Katie says) try to bully and mock and degrade those sellers who do not share your views. It serves no purpose other than to create animosity, anxiety (with some) and a general overall feeling of negativity.

      I think if you give Dans last post a read it sums it up. lol you were starting to attack Katie!

      Lets try and stay on the topic of the thread without the school boy ridicule.

  • 1 year ago

    @alan paterson said
    “I do feel compelled to respond to your posts Matthew m”
    Oh Christ, OK…if you must, and you call ME a TROLL?

    “When you go off topic, report things that are factually inaccurate”
    factually inaccurate?…Such as alan?

    “troll ebay (and other sellers)”
    Are you on about the SCAMMER of Sony laptops alan?, where a team of 2 or 3 “names” are working together to inflate the final price?, and doing so WITH eBay’s blessings?

    “and (as Katie says) try to bully and mock and degrade those sellers who do not share your views. It serves no purpose other than to create animosity, anxiety (with some) and a general overall feeling of negativity.”
    Oh, OK.

    “I think if you give Dans last post a read it sums it up. lol you were starting to attack Katie!”
    Oh yes, the “social worker”, who deals with near suicidal people?, well, I notice she wasn’t backward in coming forward, was she alan…She was in “attack mode” before you could say, well…social work”

    “Lets try and stay on the topic of the thread without the school boy ridicule.”

    On the topic alan?
    I reply or comment to a remark made. The “remark” may not have been “on topic” in the first place, but I can’t help that. I don’t much care about the eBay term “off topic” anyway, but clearly it works for you.

    • alan paterson
      1 year ago

      @ you are still at it Matthew M…………..

      if you try and concentrate on the post IF you have anything to contribute folk will find it more interesting. these rants trying to pick other posts apart and attacks on sellers credibility are just making your posts sound aggressive. you dont seem to even know you are doing it. you got your knuckles wrapped by the site owner and you are still doing it.

      You can tell a lot about a person from how they conduct themselves online when they cannot be seen and can hide behind a user name or in your case user nameS.

      if I have anything to say online I am always confident to use my own name.

  • Ross k
    1 year ago

    I can’t believe this guy. Maybe if we just ignore him he will just go away. Have you seen his other posts babbling about fraud? If the user names can’t be published what’s the point? What does he expect to achieve? Does he think he is some sort of detective . We all get hit with the same thing. Definitely something wrong with the way he lashes out at people .

  • alan paterson
    1 year ago

    probably not Ross. Folk like this seldom “go away”. They just change their ID again and persist.

    In an attempt to stay on topic have you removed all your active content and links?

  • alan paterson
    1 year ago

    @ Ross I have just read Matthews post a couple above – he is comparing me to Confucius so that is undoubtedly a compliment. No hard feelings.

    If you are needing any help with your listings Ross, give me a shout. I am available this Saturday but I won’t be able to do anything till after Xmas after Saturday (if you know what I mean).

  • Leader of the Banned
    1 year ago

    @matthew m
    @alan paterson
    @Ross K
    @Dan Wilson

    The situation here that frustrates Matthew & I is that Tamebay DO NOT use their clout to ask eBay awkward questions & the eBay cheerleaders DO NOT care about sellers who are having a hard time. Everyone is pussyfooting around the issues.

    Every area of eBay has massive gaping problems & that is a fact. I will not list all of them here because there are way too many.

    So when eBay scammers are left to run free & eBay breaks laws & increases fees, act’s like there’s a communist plot via messaging, makes listings invisible, refuses to acknowledge a broken shopping cart, enforces immediate payment and refuses to fix ongoing problems while all the time the eBay the cheerleaders and Tamebay gang up on sellers who dare to mention any of the above, how do you expect us to act? You have disappointed us! ………………..Why are you all in denial? What are you all afraid of?

    Matthew & I are frustrated and angry because our business and livelihood is being crushed from every angle by arrogant eBay management & illegal policies that nobody is willing fight. This is how the Mafia operate!

    You cheerleaders are playing into eBay’s hands. Sweeping the BS under the carpet.

    eBay is flawed at every level. Simply denying it because it doesn’t affect you doesn’t make it fantasy & it doesn’t mean other sellers are not unhappy & frustrated that the very site that used to be our voice (Tamebay) now has beans stuffed in it’s ears.

    This is why I feel matthew m’s frustration. Your I’m alright jack attitudes do not help anyone. This site used to rally some support/action against the injustice & poor decision making at eBay towers but since Sue (god bless her) passed away, it seems to me that Tamebay has forgotten why it was successful in the first place. Much the same as eBay.

    • Leon
      1 year ago

      Well said! I think it is time SMEs on ebay set up some sort of union as the policy and rules from ebay only ever seem to effect us and not the large businesses.
      Over the past week (whilst banned!) I have seen literally hundreds of large businesses flaunting their email address and telephone numbers thoughout the listing with no penalty or impact to their trading. Utter disgrace and a truly abhorent way to treat loyal and trusted SMEs which have supported and paid money to ebay for years.

    • alan paterson
      1 year ago

      @ Leon – a “union”! what a ridiculously bad idea. Maybe you haven’t been round long enough to remember how unions destroyed many British industries in the 70s and 80s. These ideas on here just get more and more ridiculous.

      Let me share something with you:

      There was a seller on here a few weeks ago suggesting that we boycott ebay for one day (which is along the union idea). Ridiculous plan – let me educate you guys – we as sellers have a simbiotic relationship with ebay. If you are a “flea” on a dogs back – you dont want the dog to get hurt – you certainly wouldn’t want to make it ill or adversely effect its health by trying to starve it. What would happen to you – the flea? Some sellers on here would get a gun and shoot the dog – mostly out of either blind misguided hatred , ignorance or spite. What happens to the flea?

      If you guys want to kill the dog dont spoil it for the rest of us fleas – go find another dog, or a kangaroo, or cat or something with fur. You get the idea.

      I am not great with metaphors but I hope you get my point. Some of the stupidity written on here is………….well its just stupid. written by laymen who dont understand economics, business or what the platform is trying to achieve. In other words they dont “get” the big picture.

      ebay dont always get it right, but you know what…….they do TRY and get it right. Its not a perfect world and its the best you can hope for.

      Que the thunder……….

  • leon
    1 year ago

    @alan paterson lovely false dichotomy you painted there! Patronising tone back at you – let me educate you, I don’t know if you know this but unions give small voiceless individual a voice and power to faceless entities which treat unrepresented individuals with non of the leverage of multi million pound business like worthless fleas to use your metaphor.
    Please don’t put words in my mouth in regards to killing the dog (ebay) as this wouldn’t serve any of the community on either side of the fence would it.
    All I was merely suggesting was that SME’s should have some sort of representation as we are voiceless when it comes to making our cases at present which isn’t good for any of us, ebay included.

  • Leader of the Banned
    1 year ago

    @alan paterson

    If the FLEAS believe there is room for improvement but never complain because they are frightened the DOG will die from bad publicity the FLEAS just turn into SHEEP.

  • 1 year ago

    This is a serious negative approach to good customer service, why would you purchase an item without knowing who the seller is, where they are and how you can contact them, professional sellers have real business with real overheads, staff to pay and premises expenses etc. Sellers pay to list an item, then we pay a subscription, a seller should have the right to decide where the transaction is completed, eBay are removing your rights as a seller and are actually damaging your business reputation. I think its time to look at how eBay is used and what items you include in the inventory listed on eBay, I certainly know we will.

  • 1 year ago

    We have just received an offer from a potential buyer with a message requesting additional detail – to be sent to his private email address. It is for an expensive TV (£2k+). We think it is a reasonable request but I decided to check with CS.

    I contacted eBay CS who stated that having reviewed the query it was perfectly acceptable.

    I am now more confused than Rudolph without his nose.

  • 1 year ago

    eBay are telling you it’s OK to to exchange details OUTSIDE of eBay?, and B4 a deal is done?. Would you like a couple of ASPIRIN?, I was gonna get myself a couple anyway.

    I’d bypass eBay if I could at this point… eBay AND Paypal, as the power both have over your/our bank accounts, where a transaction is concerned, is EYE watering.

    Take care.

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