Changes to eBay Click & Collect now includes auctions

By Chris Dawson November 8, 2017 - 10:15 am

eBay announced some changes to their Click & Collect service last month and now items sold under the eBay auction style format are eligible to collect at Argos or Doddle stores.

What you need to know about eBay Click & Collect for auctions

  • Item prices must now have a starting price of at least £10.
  • Auction-style listings are now included.

eBay’s Click and Collect offering has been massively successful since being introduced and is immensely popular with some buyers. Those who are out during the day and prefer to nominate a collection point can do so and millions of parcels are collected from Argos stores each year. The one complaint that it might be fair to voice is that there are still only around 800 locations across the country and it would be great to see the program expanded further.

Why wouldn’t you offer eBay Click & Collect?

There are very few downsides, occasionally a parcel won’t be collected and will be returned to you but this is really no different to a parcel not being collected from a courier or the Royal Mail. eBay’s Click & Collect is pretty much a hands off experience for sellers – you just ship to the address eBay provides and for Click & Collect that will be an Argos or Doddle location.

There are a few restrictions around weight (max 20kg) and size (parcel length can not exceed 120cm and the second-longest side can’t exceed 76cm), a few excluded product types and the payment must be via PayPal. Apart from that just about everything sold on eBay is eligible for Click & Collect.

What do I need to do to offer Click & Collect on my eBay auctions?

You probably don’t have to do anything to offer Click and Collect on eligible eBay auctions. If the start price is over £10 and the sale price is under £1000 then your items will be included unless you have opted out of Click & Collect at an account or listing level. You can set your preferences for eBay Click & Collect in your account settings here.

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