Amazon phishing email attempts to steal bank information

By Chris Dawson November 9, 2017 - 12:42 pm

Scammers have started trying to get Amazon customers to divulge their banking information in a stream of phishing emails. We’re more used to seeing this type of email relating to PayPal but there are so many Amazon versions flying around that Action Fraud has put out a warning.

The fakes are so easy to spot it’s hard to believe that an experienced internaut would be taken in, but such is the trust the people place in Amazon the average consumer is quite likely to simply click the link on any email that appears to come from Amazon and fill out whatever information is requested.

If you do click the link you’ll get to an Amazon sign in page (which just about every modern browser will scream at you to tell you is insecure) and if you choose to ignore your browser warnings will land on a page asking you to update your confirm name, address, and bank card information.

Action Fraud reports that one victim reported entering his Nationwide banking details and later found out £750 had been stolen from his account. They were lucky and the bank refunded their money but it’s not the entirely banks job to keep you safe, it’s also your responsibility to look after your banking credentials.

Amazon will never ask for your personal details in an email. If you receive any emails from Amazon asking you to update your personal information then log in directly to Amazon by manually typing in or use the Amazon mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.

  • Toby
    11 months ago

    Amazon’s response is to introduce a 2 step login?