Royal Mail to seek High Court injunction to halt CWU strikes

By Dan Wilson October 9, 2017 - 3:22 pm

Royal Mail has confirmed that it will be seeking a legal injunction in the High Court to prevent a 48 hour the CWU strikes called for next week starting on the 19th of October at 11am.

Royal Mail believe that the strike date announced is illegal because the CWU and Royal Mail has not been through a”legally-binding external mediation process.” And that’ a pre-requisite for a strike, according to an agreements between Royal Mail and the CWU. Royal Mail gave the CWU until noon to retract the threat of a strike on the 19th, which they haven’t done.

Royal Mail said this afternoon: “As a result, Royal Mail will today lodge an application with the High Court for an injunction to prevent industrial action so that the contractual external mediation process can be followed. A date for a hearing will be arranged with the High Court.”

There’s no indication of what the timeframe or the outcome on the ruling will be. CWU members voted in favour of industrial action with a significant majority on a strong turn-out. It could be that the process takes time and the strikes will have to be postponed if the court procedure drags on. Indeed, even if the courts do find the action “unlawful”, it wouldn’t be surprising if the CWU disagreed and walked out anyway. They point out that both parties have been in negotiation for 18 months already.

The CWU have also hinted that they could schedule more strikes after the 19th October.

  • 6 months ago

    Royal Mail want to renegade on deals they made “pre-privatisation”, deals concerning pay and conditions, pensions, etc. but have the cheek to say this strike would be illegal because of some agreement made prior to privatisation. Seems the same rules don’t apply here – Royal Mail want to have their cake and eat eat it. They are trying delaying tactics to try and get past the potential financial damage to their big business shareholders if the strikes occur during the Black Friday and Christmas periods.

    I hope the High Court judges see sense and rule in favour of the CWU but knowing how the heirarchy in this country works then I’m afraid I very much doubt they will.

    • BigRich
      5 months ago

      I don’t think that’s quite accurate. Royal Mail agreed to certain pay rises and pension arrangements in 2013, on a five year deal, which is due to run out in early 2018.

      The negotiations are about what should be in the next agreement. I don’t think that’s reneging in the slightest. Royal Mail and CWU have yet to agree, hence the CWU trying to strike to force Royal Mail’s hand.

      I think the thing the CWU haven’t considered (or may not even care as they still get paid regardless) is that striking pushes customers to competitors, customers that may not come back to the Royal Mail in the future. That means less parcel volume, meaning less revenue, meaning either less investment or redundancies in the work force.

      Royal Mail is not the cheapest carrier out there, but it’s the one I’d rather receive parcels through. Couriers for MyHermes, Yodel, and the other cheap ones seem to be far more likely to abandon parcels in dustbins, left on front doorsteps, etc. Whilst having to troop down to the Delivery Office is a pain, at least I know where my parcel is. That for me is why I pay the extra for Royal Mail. Alas, not everyone thinks like me.

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