Postage payments missing from PayPal notifications

By Chris Dawson October 8, 2017 - 5:54 pm

We’re hearing of a strange glitch in PayPal notification emails that the postage on eBay transactions is going missing.

In a screenshot posted by a shooting star eBay seller, the product sale price was £15.00, the postage £0.00 and the total £21.99. This means that it is simply a silly display glitch as the postage was in fact £6.99 making the total correct.

This isn’t an isolated incident, other sellers have also forwarded us PayPal emails with the same glitch.

Our advice as always is, if at all possible, don’t work off either PayPal notifications or eBay emails. Email is a notoriously unreliable medium and great for pinging your inbox to let you know you’ve been paid (I know sellers who set up an email rule to play a ‘ker-ching’ sound when they arrive) but terrible for reliability. Log into your eBay account, your PayPal account or third party software with an API integration to one or the other and do your despatched based on them.

  • Mark
    4 years ago

    This notification is a bit behind the times as we have noticed this now for over 3 months and also it is often dropping the variation so it just says a collar and does not tell you the size or the colour of the item so not a single glitch and they dont seem to be fixing it anytime soon.

  • Alex Peters
    4 years ago

    Ebay are constantly ‘tweaking’ the site and one change has a knock-on effect on several other areas. Broken links, missing postage, it goes on and on.

    Ebay will only fix something it is an earner for them.

    Ebay continues to ignore me when I point out these faults in Ebay and will usually blame everyone except Ebay. They tell me it is MY browser, or I have to empty my cache.

    When I am able to disprove their knee-jerk solution they they say they will pass it on to their technical people who then… promptly ignore it.

    Ebay… fast becoming a fucking waste of space.

    Buyers can do no wrong, seller can go and fuck themselves!

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