The new way to send parcels on

By Chris Dawson October 30, 2017 - 1:00 pm

Parcelforce Worldwide has launched a new booking journey on their website, allowing customers to send parcels faster and more easily than ever.

Whether you are a one-off or regular sender you will benefit from the improvements to the site.

As a user of you will be able to register your details in order to be able to store your order information and access a whole host of benefits online.

5 Great changes when booking a parcel on

  1. It’s now simple to see and select the service you need when you book online. You can even ‘filter by’ collection, drop off and pick up.
  2. Manual address entry is a thing of the past with auto completed verified addresses – you can be sure your parcels will be addressed correctly and therefore sent accurately.
  3. You’ll be able to register online and log in to access your shopping basket, transaction history, download statements and save your card payment details.
  4. When you sell online, you can now link your ecommerce account with your Parcelforce online account helping you to quickly import, download and ship multiple parcels at once.
  5. And you can pay using any credit or debit card, or PayPal. Parcelforce have also introduced PrePay functionality to save you even more time.

Integrating your ecommerce accounts with your details is easy, and will allow your sales to be pulled through automatically, helping you to speed up your parcel bookings. Plus if you use more than one ecommerce platform, the Parcelforce system will provide a central parcel booking hub by consolidating all your sales in one place.

When you are ready to process your sales, you can choose to

  1. Download all your orders as a csv file and import to, converting them into parcel bookings. You can select – and even pre-select your chosen parcel services, and from there, simply process, pay and generate your parcel labels, or
  2. Bulk process your orders on an adhoc basis.

To find out more, and register with Parcelforce online, click here.

  • Andy R
    2 years ago

    2kg parcel to Australia.

    Parcelforce (Porcelfarce) £38

    DPD Int £22 (includes tracking, sig and compo)

    13 other options cheaper than Parcelforce at £38 from other carriers.

    Money to burn? Use Parcelforce

    • Dan H
      2 years ago

      Someone has to pay for all these useless enhancements they keep bringing out tho Andy.

  • JoeB
    2 years ago

    Or just use which is PF under a different name but much cheaper than the PF website.

  • Mark
    2 years ago

    DPD to ireland £20 plus pounds for 2 kg parcelforce £9.99

  • Nick M
    2 years ago

    It’s a nice enough idea, although Parcelforce prices through PayPal for one off sending are still cheaper for us e.g. 15kg to Northern Ireland or Highlands both for 48 (apx £11 inc VAT) and 24 hour service (apx £13 inc VAT). They might need to do a bit of pencil sharpening.

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