A new marketplace for UK warehouse space called LogistCompare

By Dan Wilson October 30, 2017 - 6:52 am

A interesting new online marketplace for UK retail and ecommerce customers looking for warehouse space has launched. It’s called LogistCompare.

It enables customers to enter their preferred location and space requirements and then receive a selection of warehouses and costs for them to evaluate and follow up directly with the warehouses. The service is free for retailers looking for warehouse space.

Serafina Valente is the managing director of LogistCompare ands says the service will particularly suit the peak season needs of retailers. “Retailers look for warehousing space often with short notice to cover seasonal demands and finding the right space at the right price can be challenging.”

“Forward planning requires knowing where to find extra available warehouse space is critically important for them. Our portal is a free service offering retailers a platform to reach out to warehousing providers. This on-demand service means warehouses now can advertise their free space in real time and interact directly with potential clients. With no third-party to slow the process down, there is the ability to speedily fulfil retail demand and access warehouse availability.”

The company claims that its service allows warehouses a real-time ability to compare offerings and make decisions in hours instead of days. “This is a service offering live space availability giving both parties interactive communications showing options and costs that can be sourced on-line. Warehouses can now advertise their space and talk directly with retailers looking for last minute or increased seasonal inventory space,” she said.

Finding storage and fulfilment options is a key concern for online retailers and ecommerce SMEs and, especially at peak periods, they can be absolutely vital to ensure you keep up with the scale and needs of increased demand. It also means you can your operations and find vital extra capacity without moving premises. For more information on fulfilment sevices and warehousing, check out the Tamebay Guide.

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