Meet the retailer: The 3 Auctioneers

By Chris Dawson October 30, 2017 - 10:15 am

It’s easy to forget that running a business means different things to different people and that’s certainly the case for the winner of the eBay for Business Family Awards – The 3 Auctioneers, based in Hertfordshire. Some people want to grow a hugely successful business and expand into large premises with dozens of employees and it’s all too easy to forget those for whom earning just a few hundred pounds a month can make a world of difference. For some it’s not even about the money, it’s about remaining connected with the world and having something productive to do.

Following the death of her husband, Samantha needed a job that would allow her the flexibility to care for her children, so began trading in antiques and collectibles on eBay. The children have begun helping her out with the business, sharing their native knowledge of social media. This is there story in Samantha’s own words:

The 3 Auctioneers

I started 6 years ago – when I had 2 primary aged children, and a terminally ill/bedbound husband. It was something we could do (as a couple), and fitted round the few hours a week that I had “spare”. We started small – with a friend to help.

After a year my husband died – and I knew I had to carry on – for me and for him. My children were 5 and 8, and needed me at home – working a regular job was not an option.

The children became involved – and still are. They leaflet drop, help to wrap parcels, take my parcels to the Post Office. The oldest is now 13 and helps with the photos and all the modern technical items! From a few hours a week, I now work 3 days a week or more. And in the summer I can cut my hours down, to spend more time with them.

We now have annual sales of over £20,000 – and this is growing all the time. My husband is still watching us (hopefully proud).

  • 3 years ago

    The 3 Auctioneers?
    Way to go Samantha.

    I suspect just about everybody who knows you would be/ARE proud of your achievements to date. I personally can only see the positive side to the way your children are involved in the business, creating in them, a work ethos (like google, LOVE spellchecker)

    All the best. sincerely.

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