Meet the retailer: Lionstrike

By Chris Dawson October 11, 2017 - 11:38 am

Today we write about Dipesh Morjaria who won the ‘Innovator’ eBay for Business Awards ‘Best in Category’. Solving a real life problem Dipesh started his company Lionstrike to help his son and this is his story in his own words:

My products provide genuine benefits to children playing football. I sell lightweight leather footballs, in sizes 3 and 4, which we sell to parents, to schools, to coaching academies and soon to retailers.

The benefits of Lionstrike lighter footballs

  • Easier to kick
  • Hurt less
  • Good for shooting practice
  • Great for learning control
  • A lot of fun!

How Lionstrike Started

We are a new company, started about 13 months ago, and the company was born because my own son wasn’t able to kick a standard ball very well. This led me to search for lighter footballs and I really couldn’t find any decent ones in size 3. So I decided to manufacture them.

I produced a number of samples and, in the end, found a formula that worked for me. After some thorough testing, I decided to import a batch. Sales were really good and feedback was excellent!

The main groups of people that benefit from these footballs are:

  • Kids aged 3-7 years old
  • Girl-specific coaching schools, 3-10 years old
  • Football sessions for kids with disabilitiesI run Lionstrike myself and am extremely proud of what I have achieved in a short space of time.

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