Watch our ‘Making a more efficient ecommerce warehouse’ webinar recording

By Chris Dawson October 3, 2017 - 11:33 am

Last week, Tamebay held a webinar with Melissa Burton, a partner at Lingerie Outlet Store and Oliver Rhodes, Fulfilment Consultant at Peoplevox. Exploring ‘Making a more efficient ecommerce warehouse’, the webinar is now available to watch online here.

Covering a ton of tips, one of the points emphasised by Oliver is that often retailers don’t make best use of their existing warehouse. A move to a bigger and better warehouse might sound attractive, but if you don’t organise it properly all you end up with are the same old problems but on a bigger scale.

Melissa brings a wealth of experience having been responsible for implementing the Peoplevox Warehouse Management System for Lingerie Outlet Store, which turns over more than £1 million per year on eBay alone!

Making a more efficient ecommerce warehouse

Watch the webinar recording to discover:

  • How to make your stockroom or warehouse more efficient
  • Preparing your warehouse for coping with future business growth
  • Make the most of the warehouse you already have, including any existing technology
  • Understand the key benefits a warehouse management system (WMS) can deliver your business, while also exploding a few myths along the way
  • A case study with a retailer who has experienced the pains of a growing warehouse and now turns over £1million a year on eBay alone

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