Linn Academy: What to expect for your marketplace business in 2018

By Chris Dawson October 13, 2017 - 9:00 am

Last month Linnworks held their annual Linn Academy Conference in Birmingham and there were some fantastic speakers and if you weren’t able to attend or missed some of the sessions you can now watch them all online. We’ll be highlighting some of the best sessions over the next few weeks but are starting today with the presentation I gave.

The presentation covers three things you need to be aware of as we approach 2018, two developments in the industry that you should be watching out for and my vision for the future of shopping. This isn’t a presentation about the future of shopping in a few years time however, watch the video to see what’s available today, how you can shop on Amazon without visiting the Amazon site and some of the exciting technology eBay have launched.

I talk about the real impact on online retailers, how your business models may be affected and what changes you need to consider to make sure that your business says relevant , profitable and to ensure the sales keep rolling in in 2018 and beyond:

  • Ollie
    12 months ago

    It was actually in Birmingham

    • 12 months ago

      Doh! Manchester was last year!! Thank you I’ve corrected 🙂