Linn Academy: Rise of the Robots with John Lawson

By Chris Dawson October 19, 2017 - 6:30 pm

If you want to know what AI, VR, Robots, Big Data and the Cloud mean to ecommerce, not to mention the bots that you’re probably using without even realising it, then John Lawson‘s keynote talk at the Linnworks Linn Academy 2017 is a must watch. Rise of the Robots isn’t about android type creatures roaming the earth, it’s about the machines that run our lives without us even realising that they exist.

Highly entertaining as always, John cuts through the hype to explain what the new technology is in laymans terms but relates it to the devices and service you probably already use… or if you don’t you’ll probably want to after watching this video.

There are lessons you can implement immediately today (bots to tell you what you’re competitors are doing) and interesting developments to watch for the future. John also gives an interesting insight into marketplaces and retailers and how they’re using technology to capture marketshare.

The video is 36 minutes long, so grab a cup of tea or coffee and in just over half an hour you’ll probably learn more about technology than you thought possible:

Rise of the Robots

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