More information about grouped items in eBay search

By Dan Wilson October 11, 2017 - 4:18 pm

We recently wrote a piece about the launch of grouped items in eBay search. You can read all that about here: eBay Grouped listings feature launches in search.

It’s an important change to eBay search that sellers will want to get to grips with.

eBay has sent us a Q&A which aims to pride more information about the new feature. You can find that below:

Why is eBay introducing this?
It’s another way to showcase your inventory. By delivering the relevant items quickly to buyers, we aim to improve buyer satisfaction, drive more conversion of your items and attract new buyers to the site.

Will grouped listings replace the started search results page?
When a buyer comes to the site and searches for an item, they will continue to see the traditional search results page with items listed in order of Best Match. Buyers will see the option to ‘Group Similar Listings’ on the standard search page. They will only see the new search view after they opt-in to the experience.

Once a buyer opts in, will they always see the grouped listing experience?
Buyers who have opted in will see a button to opt-out of the grouped listings experience at any time. Once a buyer navigates away from the grouped listings results page, the search results experience will return to the traditional listing view. The grouped listings experience will only remain as long as the buyer searches within that product search page.
How can I get my listing to be the first shown item in the grouped listings result?

Listings will be surfaced in the grouped listings search using the Best Match algorithm. Best Match remains eBay’s default sort order for search results.

If I don’t list with the catalog can my listing be included in grouped listings?
No. In order for your listing to be surfaced in the grouped listings, you must provide complete listings that include eBay Product Identifiers when listing.

Are you making changes to Best Match?
No changes have been made to best match.

Is the view item experience changing too?
No the view item experience will remain unchanged. Buyers will be able to click through to the view item page from a ‘See details’ link on the product page.

  • james
    12 months ago

    an entire Q&A which could have been summarised with
    “you can turn it off & on again, best match applies”.

    so if I’m normally the best match, best seller, best price, best feedback, yadda yadda yadda, but my competitor for the same SKU chooses sponsored listings, do i never sell an item again?
    who wins the buy box between a bad seller sending ebay a bung, or a good seller who “only” pays ebay the usual 10 – 15%?

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