EMAIL go ‘all-out’ – more orders for their sellers.

By Chris Dawson October 11, 2017 - 8:00 am

Back in April 2017, – a marketplace we’ve followed since their launch (in 2012) made a significant change to their business model, for the first time in 5 years they began listing products in a traditional ‘browse and search’ format.

Today Flubit’s CEO & co-Founder, Bertie Stephens, released a graphical representation of how this change has been for them; and in addition, have launched a new Christmas message to grow orders for their sellers, which is bold to say the least.

The chart looks as follows:

While have held back hard-numbers, it is clear from the proportional sizes of the chart that the changeover has had a good impact for them, and more importantly, their sellers.

This weekend also launched a new national TV and Outdoor campaign in a bid to generate even more orders for their integrated sellers. To stand out in a market with a significantly dominant player such as Amazon, the smaller marketplaces need to strike a chord with online shoppers, and the new campaign from should do just that, stating that ‘over 1 million items are cheaper than amazon, every week’:

The TV ads are as equally bold, including a reasonably annoying/catchy sung jingle which Bertie suggests will make the users “lookup, take out their phones, and explore the marketplace”.

It seems the impact is working, Stephens released exclusively to Tamebay the numbers from the first weekend of TV ads. Unique Sessions and Page views are up 176% & 347% respectively on the previous weekend, and organic orders up 106% too (not including additional CPC campaigns).

Sellers on provide (Flubit’s B2B arm that deals with merchant integrations) their net-return price they would receive on other marketplaces. For example, if you get charged 15% on Amazon, if you sold a unit for £100, you’d net £85, and provide the same (or similar) price to . then price the final sale item themselves.

As we enter the Christmas season, any local 3rd party offering a strong alternative to the two major marketplaces should be supported, especially from a company that’s managed to stick around and grow for the last 5 years and have always led a ‘merchant-first’ approach. You would be wise to integrate or freshen up your integration with them if you haven’t already, and are looking for more orders.

You can see Flubit’s new advertising campaign across National TV, Public Transport (south of Manchester), TV Catchup, YouTube, and general digital display networks.

You can sign up to sell on via SKUcloud.

  • Bobbie
    2 years ago

    we have over 3k products in there system, some of whcih we sell over 200 units of one product per day on Amazon and eBay… Flubit, 0 in 6 months…

    Dont think these guys will be around much longer.

  • WebSeller
    2 years ago

    Are they supposed to be British? Why is their (awful) advert American?

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