Ecommerce in Spain grew by 25% in Q117

By Dan Wilson October 23, 2017 - 2:13 pm

In the latest data released by the Spanish markets and competition commission there, the CNMC, ecommerce in Spain in good health and growing rapidly.

The total value of ecommerce grew by 24.8% year onnyear and the number of transactions increased by 31 percent to 115 million in the three month period. The key verticals in Spanish ecommerce are travel which accounts for over 13% of the total spend. It’s followed by air transport (11.2%) and clothing (6.2%).
Ecommerce in Spain
What’s noticeable in those sectors is that groceries is absent and that will not be a surprise to anyone who knows Spain. Whilst the big supermarket chains have made an impact the is a vibrant market culture and small independents still permeate the High Street.

Of the total €6.8 billion spent in the first three months of 2017 in Spain, most was spent domestically. 55.4% was spent with Spanish retailers. Of the remaining sales, 93% stayed within the EU and was spent on sites belonging to other member states. Only 3% was spent with sellers located in United States.

Spain has a population of 46 million. eBay and Amazon have Spanish marketplaces but you should also seriously consider selling with Privalia, Rakuten and 101gigas. PayPal is by far and away the most popular online payment method, but the Spanish much prefer to use Credit or Debit cards where possible.

If you want to know more about Ecommerce in Spain this infographic from Pentagon has plenty more insights for you.

Ecommerce in Spain

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