Apple Pay is beating PayPal in the USA

By Dan Wilson October 27, 2017 - 7:25 am

When it comes to in store retail in the USA, it would seem that Apple Pay is leading the charge and beating PayPal.

This is perhaps unsurprising on some levels. Apple Pay does permit you to pay with your phone or watch as a matter of course and they’re largely ubiquitous, especially with the well heeled. Even down in my local boozer in Sussex people go contactless with their watch for a round.

Apple Pay

The latest insights from the Boston Retail Partners suggests that Apple Pay is already the top choice in retail digital payments. They say that 36% of North American retailers already accept Apple as a payment option and that is more than any other digital payment system.

Roughly a third of North American retailers already accept PayPal. Within the next year, more than half of all North American retailers plan to accept Paypal according to the report. Apple Pay’s acceptance rate is predicted to approach a very significant 60% this year.

Apple continues a global rollout of their option and is expected to launch in Denmark, Finland, Sweden and the United Arab Emirates within the next month. Apple Pay will then be available in only 20 counties around the globe. That, needless to say, gives Apple plenty of scope for growth.

But whilst retail is a vital battleground, it isn’t PayPal’s core field. It’s winning elsewhere as the recent decent results it delivered so amply display.

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