“Alexa: Order me a Domino’s pizza.”

By Dan Wilson October 5, 2017 - 6:59 am

You can order a Domino’s pizza via Amazon Alexa. The service began in July this year in the UK and it’s already proving successful. According to Nick Dutch, head of digital for Domino’s UK, in the first two months, already one in five customers who are able to order a pizza with one click through the pizza chain’s interesting Easy Orders option has rather asked Amazon Alexa instead.

Easy Orders is a Domino’s feature launched in 2013. It allows you to save your favourite Domino’s pizza order and store payment details so you can quickly place your order. You can use it via the pizza firm’s website or app, Facebook Messenger and Google Home too, as well as Alexa. When you do that, your payment method is charged, your order sent to the closest store and the food sent your way sharpish.

(The process is pretty much the same as when Domino’s developed a familiar system and you could tweet the pizza emoji to have the food whizzing your way in no time. Although that was likely more of a gimmick at the time rather than a serious means of ordering.)

Domino’s have a history of being successful early adopters of technology when it comes to ordering pizzas: they were first out of the gate to permit ordering online. And these days the majority of pizza calls come via the internet, and are paid online too, as we’ve written about. They also adopted PayPal quite early on and were quick to get in bed with Alexa.

It is also a reflection of the prevailing winds with online and ecommerce that the millennial generation are driving. Not only are they unlikely to pick up the phone and order. They are also increasingly familiar and comfortable with voice activated devices such as the Amazon Echo and they want convenience and ease of ordering too.

What is perhaps most interesting about this new approach is why more of the big, well-known, international fast food companies aren’t doing something similar.

  • Leader of the Banned
    10 months ago

    Alexa orders a pizza… soooo uninteresting. What a waste of pixels

  • james
    9 months ago

    more like
    “Alexa, tell the Domino’s app to order my pizza express pizza with default options to home addres”.
    “No that’s not what i said”.
    “Uch forget it”.

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