Top 1000 eBay sellers in world revealed

By Dan Wilson September 21, 2017 - 4:59 pm

The guys over at Web Retailer have updated their league table of the top 1000 eBay sellers in the world. And it makes for some interesting and sometimes surprising reading. Here is the global top ten of eBay sellers:

Top 1000 eBay sellers
(All the illustrations are courtesy of Web Retailer)

The full analysis, and there’s lots of interest, can be found here. Here are a few interesting pull-out points. The number of Chinese businesses in the top 1000 that sell cross-border to the UK is up by 42%, whilst the number of UK sellers in the list has fallen by 18. In fact, if trends continue, the UK could find itself beaten into second place next year by Germany.

These are the top ten eBay sellers in the UK according to the findings:
Top 1000 ebay sellers

And this will also be of interest too. The biggest Chinese and Hong Kong sellers and, needless to say, all exporters:

top 1000 eBay sellers

(A word about the methodology they use to determine the top 1000 eBay sellers. As you’ll know, eBay (and indeed Amazon) jealously guard sales data. Unless they are forced to they don’t even break out sales on a country basis, let alone seller by seller. So the Web Retailer list uses a proxy to come up with its results: feedback. So these are not the biggest sellers by sales volume but the biggest recipients of unique positive feedback. That’s why someone like worldofbooks and musicmagpie perform so well: they sell a great volume of usually low value items. So whilst it is a useful indicator it’s not a indicator sales volumes.)

  • JamesH
    1 year ago

    Whoop Whoop I’m in the list again, quite high up too.

    But why am I not excited about it?

    I guess I should be quite proud but nothing about eBay excites me much anymore!!

    • kath
      1 year ago

      oh interesting what one are you james?

  • 1 year ago

    My comment has very little to do with this post. Just thought I would share my thoughts. eBay Sucks….

  • SAM
    1 year ago

    MAGPIE surprise surprise my eyeballs roll, the marketplace killers. Double the next closest seller.
    99% Argos in 4th wonder what there defects are ????, even if it is on feedback still gives you a good idea, our FB is down by half so are our eBay sales however.

    Our Cat is not even in the top 15 and apparently that is one of the highest searched sectors???? Tamebay wrote about it last week???? , not one seller (magpie do not count) , and we have some big firms, not surprised really the margins don’t work on eBay and there is way too many of us now plus Amazon has taken the whole industry on a ride to the bottom this year.

    3 big brands on ebay UK and something tells me that will be more next year.

    If JamesH the big shark is not excited am defo not excited now….

  • Steve
    1 year ago

    257 in the U.K. Rankings.

    Not bad but not exciting at all. Being beaten by Babz media who shut ages ago says a lot.

  • JamesH
    1 year ago

    Ha, certainly don’t see myself as a big shark at all, that’s why I was very surprised to see myself in the top 300 last year and this year slipped down a bit.

    I don’t see much of a future for us with eBay, our fees are the best part of £20K per year yet I don’t feel like a valued eBay customer. It is a strange feeling, all our other suppliers respect us and we work well together, we all know we all in it to try and make a bit of money, we have a partnership and need each other. But not eBay, they make me feel like a piece of dirt on their shoe.

    I have been planning an eBay exit strategy for some years, we are getting there but not ready to switch it off just yet. My biggest problem is morals, I grew the business rapidly thanks to eBay sales, I have moved to bigger premises several times and here is the problem, I have taken on extra staff purely to deal with the hassles that eBay throws at us.

    I am sure if we ditched eBay our sales would drop a lot, we would need to get rid of staff, but I would be better off both mentally not having to deal with the scammers and fraudulent buyers, being treated like dirt by eBay and financially we would have a better profit. Yes, less turnover but more profit. But I like my staff, I have 8 full-time whos families rely on me for an income, that’s a tough decision to make. And it is against my nature, I am an entrepreneur, I want to grow and be the best but I really don’t see my partnership with eBay getting any better soon!

    • SAM
      1 year ago

      Well I did not read the list properly, if you are in the Top 300 still big shark compared to us. We are £20K a year on ebay never mind a month. We however from a little fish did drop eBay (or should say downsized) a LOT, the writing was on the wall we seen last Oct 16. As I say Amazon are killing our industry, and there is no money in selling on Amazon.
      We started to get away from the UK as much as possible, we are followed in the end by the box shifters and margin killers. We seen a list on tamebay and started listing direct on a lot of EU sites, am lucky we have Spanish, German and a bit of French in the family. Long story short our turnover is down but margins a lot higher and essentially we made some money. Plus we held our prices on eBay we know our products are popular.
      Anyway we got another year we would be bust if we stayed on eBay instead of diversifying . It is good you care about the employees most do not these days, and if you have the resources and want to move on I would try this approach, eBay bites the hand that feeds it.

    • ian
      1 year ago

      what a fabtastic message

      sums up how i feel 100% (on a smaller scale) but im in exactly the same boat – word for word

      cant be right can it

  • JamesH
    1 year ago

    *£20k per month not year!!

    • 1 year ago

      Haha, I was thinking, I spend £5k a month and aren’t on the list!

  • Ian
    1 year ago

    This is the Top FEEDBACK eBay sellers. Not the top sellers. I would argue that even the ones with the most revenue are not top sellers – Turnover – vanity, Profit – sanity.

  • JW
    1 year ago

    We’ll take this with a pinch of salt. No idea how a seller with last feedback over a year ago can be classed as a “Top” eBay seller?

    • 1 year ago

      That shouldn’t happen, because the list is ranked by 12 month feedback. We have investigated and found that we didn’t upload the new versions of the data files which are used to extend the tables when “View More” is clicked.

      Sorry about that. We seem to make a mistake every year… hopefully that was the only one, but do let me know if you spot any more.

    • JW
      12 months ago

      Thanks, however not convinced of its relevance still, especially as some sellers on the list appear to be no longer registered?
      learnearlybooks and thebeautyboxboutique for example?

    • 12 months ago

      A user could be NARU but still in the list if their 12-month feedback is high enough.

      Both of those accounts (learnearlybooks and thebeautyboxboutique) are still going strong with a lot of recent feedback and items listed, by the way. Did you find something that says different?

      But certainly it is possible for a seller to be banned from eBay but still on the list.

  • northumbrian
    1 year ago

    means nowt
    in fact it means less than nowt
    anyone high on this list is a busy dog being wagged by the tail

  • 1 year ago

    Nice to read that James H, stick with your morals, they’ve got you this far.

    Fair play mate.

  • Beachbum
    1 year ago

    If you look at “The Top eBay Sellers in China / Hong Kong”.

    3 of the top 6 all have the same VAT number and are listing the same products. So it must be the same company with duplicate accounts and duplicate listings. They actually have 9 accounts using the same VAT number and company – all duplicates…

    I am sure Joe Billante from eBay told the PAC Heading that was against eBay policy and they took action against this type of behaviour…..

  • northumbrian
    1 year ago

    the big pull out point
    with so many sales ,from so many,
    sellers can whinge until they go blue, concerning picture watermarks,
    contact details etc ,
    ebay will not give a monkeys

  • Jo
    12 months ago

    Yay!! Higher up on the list of UK sellers this time! Actually happy considering how much eBay is annoying me atm.

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