State of Shipping in Commerce 2017 Report from Temando

By Chris Dawson September 5, 2017 - 10:20 am

Harnessing survey data from 275 retailers and 1298 shoppers in the United Kingdom, Temando identified areas of change that impact everything from revenue to customer experience. For some, these shifts indicate a step in the right direction, and for change-resistors it takes on a more ominous tone. Whatever that means for you and your business, remember that the changing tide waits for no one.

The primary objective of State of Shipping in Commerce 2017 Report is to map out the various factors affecting the online retail sector in the United Kingdom, with qualitative data mined from a nationwide survey conducted in February 2017. Shipping and fulfillment impacts commerce in a significant manner, affecting profit margin and revenue, operational efficiencies, brand and customer experience.

Temando started tracking the habits, practices, and sentiment of online shoppers and retailers annually to measure their experiences and performance over the last 12 months with the aim to measure the gap between retailer capability to consumer expectations.

Customers say they would shop online more often if they were offered: better tracking, choice of carrier, hyperlocal delivery, click & collect, better carrier services, after hours delivery, faster standard shipping, next day delivery, free and easy returns and free shipping, but again which is more important to the customer and which will make the smallest difference to sales if you’re unable to offer a particular service? Read the State of Shipping in Commerce 2017 Report to find out more as well as:

  • WHO: Get to know the retailer and consumer landscape
  • WHEN: The new online experiences that shoppers seek
  • WHAT: Challenges that retailers face today in closing the gap
  • HOW: Tactics that retailers use to improve
  • WHY: Benefits and trends to look out for
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