Have you registered for the Tamebay Warehousing Webinar?

By Chris Dawson September 22, 2017 - 9:00 am

Next Thursday, the 28th of September, Tamebay are joining up with Peoplevox in a webinar which will look at warehouse efficiencies and how you can save time and money in your fulfilment processes with smart practice.

This isn’t a webinar just aimed at those with mega warehouse with automated packaging lines, we’ll start with the basics of how to organise your warehouse to eliminate errors such as mis-picks and move on to how to keep your warehouse running smoothly as you expand, grow and get busier. We’ll also discuss when it’s time to think about automation software and what that can bring to your operations.

With Christmas, Q4 and Black Friday coming up fast, you want to get the most out of the etting the warehouse that you already have and if you can pick up just a couple of tips it could make the next few months run more smoothly. For the future, getting some of the basic right at the start means that as you grow you’re already running an efficient operation so if you’re on a growth curve you definitely want to attend this webinar.

In order to attend, you’ll need to register to reserve a place. If you miss the webinar we’ll also send you a link to a recording to watch at your leisure so register today.

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