Parcel2Go merge with National Pallets

By Chris Dawson September 27, 2017 - 9:52 am

Parcel2go is merging with National Pallets in a move that may prove attractive to online sellers with larger items to deliver. The addition of an easily bookable pallet service could prove a killer move for Parcel2Go and National Pallets will certainly benefit from Parcel2Go’s software expertise.

“We’re bringing together a powerful combination of customer service, technology and logistic expertise to create stronger businesses. That puts both parties in a better position to deliver the experience, services and pricing that our customers deserve.”
– James Greenbury, CEO of Parcel2Go

National Pallets are one of the UK & Europe’s largest online pallet delivery service companies. They offer not only delivery to any part of the UK but we can also offer a delivery service to Eire, Jersey, Guernsey and all the islands of the UK.

National Pallets also offer a service to seventeen European countries. Unlike most other pallet delivery companies, their service works in exactly the same way as it does in the UK. They do not use subcontractors, which means your pallet is still fully track and traceable on the same system as for UK pallets. They don’t even need you to supply paperwork for customs, all you need to do is book the pallet and sit back and wait for it to be delivered.

National Pallets customers will see an immediate benefit with an improved service experience, thanks to National Pallets staff resource in Heathfield being supplemented with a new team in Bolton, doubling their capacity. Throughout the coming months, customers will see even more benefits on the back of increased resource in all areas from IT to Marketing.

The pallets expertise will also help broaden Parcel2Go’s offering, supplementing its parcel and letter sending services, with an expanded pallet capability.

“The merger with Parcel2go will strengthen National Pallets position in the market place, allowing the business to continue to grow, whilst still offering the high level of service our customers have come to expect. This is a very exciting time for both businesses.”
– Susan Brooks, Founder of National Pallets

The companies say that the merger will significantly expand the customer offering of both websites, uniquely positioning them to help customers send both parcels and pallets in the easiest, most reliable and affordable way possible.

  • Stephen
    2 years ago

    Parcel2go? Oh yes, the ones that don’t bother passing the collection details onto the carrier leaving you waiting for a collection and are next to impossible to get hold of… I’m not just talking 1 or two collections either… we were dumb enough to ask them to collect over 10 times (different orders going out)… each time we ended up chasing them and our tails.

    Anyone considering using them – read the google reviews first… 1.9 stars is generous but the comments are accurate… Great company to use if you’re looking to increase your ebay defects…

    We will stick with interparcel for our occasional courier requirements at least they actually do the job that they advertise!

    • peter stanley
      2 years ago

      I used parcel to go recently for a booking with UPS although admittedly I didn’t ask for a collection I took them to the local parcel shop and the parcels were with the customer the next day, I can’t fault them.

  • 2 years ago

    Interesting development. Pallet delivery is currently still stuck in the last century.

  • Chris Knight
    2 years ago

    We use Parcel2go every day for multiple parcels and have not had a single problem. They pickup every day and deliver reliably.
    HOWEVER, we never ever pick the chepaest price, we always choose a good name like DX or UPS.
    I suspect those having problems may have chosen cheapest and slowest service from lesser capable couriers

  • Jan
    2 years ago

    You could have been a little more subtle??

    I can’t help but think it’s pretty obvious who you work for and what your agenda is.

    For goodness sake, credit people with a little more intelligence please.

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