Take our Tamebay survey: Brexit, currency exchange, selling overseas and ecommerce

By Dan Wilson September 1, 2017 - 12:05 am

We invite you to take the latest Tamebay Survey: you can find it here. And you can bag a £100 Amazon voucher if you take the five or so minutes answering the questions.

So what is the survey about? These are interesting times when it comes to selling online and overseas. Brexit and currency fluctuations are impacting ecommerce SMEs. Is the uncertainty delaying how you consider trading overseas? Are you thinking about the future of EU trading or looking further afield? How significant are currency wobbles to how you think about trading internationally?

With sterling experiencing weakness on the international currency markets following the Brexit referendum, marketplace sellers are experiencing a period of significant volatility when it comes to cross-border trade. The cost of acquiring stock from overseas has risen but foreign buyers also see purchasing UK goods as attractive because of relatively lower prices. The lack of clarity on the eventual Brexit terms regarding the free movement of goods between the UK and EU means that retailers are hesitant about making decisions about investing in European sales.

Obviously, all answers will be treated anonymously and with confidence. But we’d also love to talk to some sellers and respondents to get some anecdotal, qualitative insights into what is important right now. You have the opportunity to opt-in. And it would be great to talk to some of you in due course.

Why are we doing this survey? The plan is to write a ‘white paper’ with Currencies Direct exploring the current situations. Your responses will inform that report. Thanks advance and here’s hoping you bag one of the three one hundred quid Amazon coupons.

You can find and take the survey here.

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Welcome to our Tamebay Guide. Companies listed in the directory represent the leading suppliers in the UK and Europe.

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