How to sell on eBay: all about buyer returns on eBay UK #tamebayTV

By Dan Wilson August 4, 2017 - 8:59 am

This is our latest How to Sell on eBay video on TamebayTV. This week we consider the thorny issues of eBay Returns: what are your obligations and how can you turn it to your favour?

How you deal with returns on eBay UK depends on your status as a seller. Private sellers have different obligations from sellers who operate as a business. Business sellers are governed by laws both British and EU. It’s all explored in the vid.

Who pays for the returns? Well, imagine, it all depends. But it does pay to think about returns as a sales tool too. Buyers do appreciate certainty and may not take the opportunity to buy from sellers, however reputable, without a decent Returns policy.

And don’t forget about eBay’s Mandatory Managed Returns policy.

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Tamebay is tackling the basics again with “how to” videos and a laser specific focus interest in relation to eBay selling. This is our fourth video and over the next 6 weeks we’ll be looking at other aspects of eBay trading. Find out more here. Stay tuned.

Our first video looked at optimising your eBay listings. The second instalment considered eBay’s Best Match system. Every eBay seller needs to be an expert in Best Match, it’s how eBay displays items to shoppers.

We then looked long and hard at at eBay Buyer Fraud. That’s how you cope with buyers who say the goods you sent didn’t arrive. It’s often easy to spot but eBay does seem to find, anecdotally according to sellers, usually in the favour of the shoppers.

There’s plenty more to come. (What should we covering in future videos? We’d love to hear more suggestions.)

  • james
    3 months ago

    “Every eBay seller needs to be an expert in Best Match”
    – thats why ebay completely hide and obfuscate how it works, so no seller can ever be an expert in best match.

    (unless you’ve redefined “expert” to mean someone who roughly has a very vague idea how something might possibly work, but really isnt sure and is probably wrong)

    • Alan Paterson
      3 months ago

      You have just described me James – I am someone who roughly has a very vague idea how something might possibly work, but really isnt sure and is probably wrong.

      Any help you need with best match let me know……………

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