Papa John’s now accepts Amazon Pay

By Chris Dawson August 1, 2017 - 5:12 pm

Dinner tonight will be pizza, specifically Pizza from Papa John’s because I’ve just discovered that they now accept Amazon Pay and it’s the first website I’ve come across that offers it.

As well as Amazon pay, Papa John’s also offer Debit/Credit card, PayPal and also Barclays Ping It. Ping It and Amazon Pay are relatively recent additions as payment options but today it’s Amazon Pay that I want to try.

As you’d expect Amazon Pay is a fairly painless process for a consumer to use. It’s every bit as easy as PayPal, you just log in with your normal Amazon credentials.

One nice thing with Amazon Pay is that, if you have multiple cards registered, it’s easy to choose which payment method you’d like to use. If you’ve not registered the card you want to buy your pizza with, there’s also an option to add a new card during the checkout which is a nice feature.

It would be nice to have something remarkable to say about the Amazon Pay process, but from a consumer perspective it’s a particularly mundane experience. I have an Amazon account, Amazon have one of my card’s details stored as a payment method, I can remember my email address and Amazon password and that’s all I need to complete a purchase.

The only thing in the least surprising about the whole experience is that Amazon Pay was offered as a payment method in the first place. Whilst PayPal is offered on just about every consumer website out there, instances where Amazon Pay is offered are few and far between. However, Amazon are keen to grow their payments business so expect it to become more widespread and as it appears on sites such as Pizza companies expect use by consumers also to grow.

Currently Papa John’s don’t advertise that they accept either Ping It or Amazon Pay. On their home page they display a sign “Now Accepting PayPal”. There’s also currently no sign of Apple or Android Pay but doubtless these will come in the future.

If you don’t already offer Amazon Pay on your website it might be worth considering doing so. Even if take up is initially low, for the few customers who have an Amazon account but don’t have a PayPal account it will be worth offering as a quick hassle free checkout option.

  • Merlo
    3 years ago

    Added it to our Bigcommerce site (warning you need a new separate Amazon merchant account) in June. Amazon were offering me £100 gift card and I figured it would be easier for our less tech savvy customers as everyone has an Amazon account. In July 16% of our orders paid via Amazon pay which is impressive. Downsides are steep fees and Amazons usual reluctance to release money until they are 110% happy.

    • 3 years ago

      16% is very impressive and should be reason enough to offer Amazon Pay if anyone is still wondering if it’s worth it.

      Downsides are a pain, but frictionless sales make it hard to argue against the service.

  • Whirly
    3 years ago

    Not sure I’d want to let Amazon know how great I’m doing by sharing our checkout data.

    Next thing you know Amazon are selling pizzas and delivering them by drones.

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