eBay UK to add Product Q&A feature to listings in October

By Dan Wilson August 21, 2017 - 11:25 pm

According to an announcement from eBay UK, they will be adding buyer questions and seller answers to product reviews that appear in eBay listings over the next few months.

As they say in their announcement: “It’s pretty standard for customers to want to ask a question about a product when they’re thinking about buying it. Plus, when shoppers ask questions, it means they’re already engaged with the product so a swift and helpful reply could make all the difference to completing that sale.

That’s why we’re adding to our popular product reviews and ratings by adding product questions and answers later this year. We’ll start to display questions and answers on your listings from October 2017. This content will help make your listing more engaging as well as making it easier for buyers to find your items via eBay search and popular search engines. Being able to ask questions about product before buying it could also reduce costs related to customers service and returns.”

All in all this sound like a decent idea, if nothing ground-breaking. Any shared information in answers in response to genuine, useful questions from shoppers can help others. It can save a seller from having to answer the same question in future too. It’s also perhaps a useful pointer for sellers about what additional information could be included in listings and descriptions to make them even more useful.

But it’s a shame we don’t have more information here, even a graphic rendering of an example, of how this new feature will appear on eBay UK. Hopefully more details will emerge in due course.

And there has to be a question of moderation too. As is obvious from other sites sometimes product reviews and user content can be unreliable, or even deliberately humorous, so quality control will be useful. And will there be usefulness ratings from users to improve the rankings of questions.

  • 3 years ago

    Haven’t you always been add Q&A to the bottom of your description? You certainly used to be able to..

    It makes me wonder how much they pay the execs at ebay to sit around and think about the next way they are going to copy amazon. It seems to be a relatively easy job.

    • 3 years ago

      Hi Paul, This sounds much more like a crowd sourced Q&A, mini product reviews addressing a specific point in response to a question. For instance I could ask “Would this Peco DCC controller work with my Hornby model railway points?” and someone who has already tried it could respond.

      The answer could then be displayed on every listing for that product in the future.

    • 3 years ago

      Yeah Chris I can see how it may be a useful addition, it really is a carbon copy of what Amazon do.

    • james
      3 years ago

      and according to the blurb
      “….making it easier for buyers to find your items via eBay search and popular search engines.”

      therefore if you did ask ““Would this… work with my Hornby model railway?”
      and the answer is “no”.
      it will still divert traffic to that listing when searching for “Hornby model railway”.

      pretty sure that kind of spamming was counter-productive according to ebay, no?

      And yes, long before reviews, before everyone turned them off, you could ask a publically visible question shown on an ebay listing, which other customers could see the answer to, just like amazon.

  • 3 years ago

    I give this system 10 to 15 seconds before someone begins abusing it. Enjoy the additional moderation work I guess.

    Why are they announcing features like this when there are more pressing matters at hand. Such as the ability to transfer large files across it’s messaging system, without breaking ebay TOS.

  • BG
    3 years ago

    On one hand Ebay introduce this which I personally would never use but on the other hand they stop buyers being able to contact sellers to verbally discuss the products on sale. Crazy.

  • 3 years ago

    What happens when someone asks “Please can I have your contact details to discuss this product” Or “Please can I have your address so I can collect from you please”

    All of which happen frequently.. When does this new service conflict with the new policy on contact details? Because if it doesn’t then I’ll ask the question myself under all of my listings 🙂

    • 3 years ago

      It’s fine! Just tell them to click on the hidden link ( white text ), scroll down past the pit of solitude, enter the contra code and then (and only then) will the contact details appear.

      UX for the win!

      Now, back to updating 13,000 listings for ebay before time runs out and the account gets banned for 7 days… ha!

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