eBay Royal Mail Mandatory Returns Price Increase

By Chris Dawson August 6, 2017 - 8:47 pm

eBay have slightly increased the price you’ll pay for returns labels for parcels up to 2kg when Royal Mail Tracked 48 postage is used. They say that “Royal Mail have recently changed their Royal Mail Tracked Returns 48 price, effective 01 August 2017 and we want to explain how this applies to eBay Sellers“. The change is a 6p per parcel increase from £2.99 to £3.05 (including VAT)

eBay made this announcement on the 1st of August, but currently the help page still displays the old price of £2.99 including VAT, so we’re not entirely sure when the new fees will be charged from (but we suspect immediately and the help page will be updated in due course).

When does the seller pay return postage costs?

So long as you have specified it in your returns policy, buyers are responsible for paying return costs if they simply change their mind about the product or purchased the wrong item. If the product is damaged or the seller mispicked an item then it’s down to the seller to pick up return postage costs.

You can of course choose to simply refund low value items without requiring them to be returned should that prove more economical.

When do you pay return postage costs?

Any return postage charges will appear on your next eBay invoice payable with your other eBay fees due that month.

  • Dean
    11 months ago

    Our tracked rate for Royal Mail is £2.19. Surely a company as big as Ebay should be getting a better rate than this or at least as good.

    Are Ebay getting a bad deal or are the pocketing the difference?

    Either way something is not right.

    • james
      11 months ago

      pocketing the difference, whilst telling us they’re doing it at zero profit.
      i’m sure there’s a name for that….

  • Rich
    11 months ago

    We are the same, we pay £2.19 for tracked returns with Royal Mail.

  • SAM
    11 months ago

    Like everything with eBay overpriced. £2.19 they are clearly on their normal fleece the sellers as normal, they will be pocketing it.

  • boon
    11 months ago

    ebay ripoff fees and return postage should be free you buy a car battery at £50 and postage is £10 . so you pay £60 but if item is faulty and you have to return it you get robbed of £10 for posting it back so you get £60 back and lost £10 what a load of S**t ebay is

    • Alan Paterson
      11 months ago

      why should eBay pay for a seller’s returns?

      i didn’t like your post – it was negative and unconstructive and to be honest – didnt make any sense.

      ebays price they pay for each weight bracket is profiled by Royal Mail. It is subject to quarterly price changes.

      This depends on a number of factors:

      1. The average weight of the packets returned
      2. How many packets are being returned from rural or across water areas
      3. The volume of packets

      All returns are insured and ebay will cover you if one of their returns labels fails.

      Typical negativity from the posts above over a service that is designed to help and make returns easier.

      Try “”looking at the doughbut and not the hole”.

      @ boon – I have never seen such a badly written non-sensical post since I have been on Tamebay. I am not allowed to call you an idiot as my reply to your stupidity may not even be posted so I will not risk it.

    • Northumbrian
      11 months ago

      We have no problem with paying for returns when an item is faulty,
      It’s eBay allowing buyers to choose if we pay for return regardless, even if the item is perfect that we have issue with

  • boon
    11 months ago

    what ever you want to call me I don’t give a f**k
    why should buyers pay for sellers faulty sh*t returns should be free returns robbers

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