eBay mobile ‘Classic’ site broken – Updated, now fixed

By Chris Dawson August 7, 2017 - 9:56 pm

Article Updated 10/8/17: The eBay ‘Classic’ mobile site is fixes and fully functional again. If you are a seller but have never used it then I’d encourage you to take a look as it’s a very useful feature, especially if you ever need to tweak some settings on eBay in an emergency. You’ll find the ‘Classic Site’ link at the bottom of the eBay home page (and many other pages) when viewing eBay on a mobile device.

There appears to be a problem accessing eBay on a mobile, specifically on Android smartphones. Don’t worry the eBay site itself is working fine as is the eBay app and eBay in a mobile browser. A reader tipped us off to the glitch which is very specific and occurs if you try to view the (very useful if you want to get anything serious done on the selling side) eBay ‘Classic’ site.

In a mobile browser you generally get a cut down version of eBay which is pretty slick if you’re a buyer but not quite as useful if you’re a seller and want to for instance check your ‘My eBay’ for sales or if you want to edit a listing. If you only get a couple of sales a day then the mobile browser version will probably suffice, but if you get hundreds of sales a day and have a decent sized mobile screen (or tablet) then the ‘Classic’ site has always been the default choice for many sellers – ‘Classic’ gives you the same view as on a desktop, albeit with plenty of scrolling and pinching to zoom in and out.

Currently when you click to view the eBay ‘Classic’ site on a mobile you simply get an error page. In the mean time if you’re used to using eBay ‘Classic’ on a mobile you might want to consider not wandering too far from your laptop. The alternative is to get used to using the mobile optimised version of eBay or the eBay mobile app.

Once the glitch is fixed, if you’d like to try using the ‘Classic’ version of the eBay site on a mobile device, you’ll find the link at the bottom of the eBay home page (and many other pages throughout the mobile site).

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