eBay, Google Chrome and stronger browser security standards

By Dan Wilson August 24, 2017 - 7:24 am

eBay is concerned that buyers who use the browser Google Chrome will be deterred from shopping with changes coming in October. You can read the eBay announcement on the official board here called: Stronger Browser Security Standards Ahead.

eBay says: “Starting in October 2017, Google Chrome—the browser used by almost half of all eBay buyers—will begin displaying the message “Not Secure” in the address window when users visit standard HTTP pages, and HTTPS pages that include nonsecure HTTP content. eBay believes that the “Not Secure” message may deter shoppers from buying and impact your conversion rate. eBay is taking steps to make sure that your buyers won’t see this message and can access your listings securely.”

To a very great extent this is a reflection why eBay is cracking down on whats called active content. We’ve written about that before and encourage you to make sure you are compliant. We’ve written a lot about that but this article will be useful: How will eBay enforce the new Active Content rules?

As eBay say: “eBay has been working with third-party providers to ensure they’re ready for this change. Many of them will provide bulk editing options to remove HTTP from your listings; see a list of providers here.”

Perhaps the most troubling aspect of this news is the realisation that ebay and Google don’t have a particularly warm and constructive relationship. It would be better if they were best buddies but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

  • 4 years ago

    It’s worth noting that this isn’t just an eBay sepcific issue, more for any marketplace where you can embed an HTML description that supports CSS, external images, etc. they ALL need updating to prevent issues arising come October.

    Here’s looking at eBid, Mirakl, etc in particular.

  • Leader of the Banned
    4 years ago

    This security warning also occurs with Firefox and has been in effect for over 2 weeks now. It just goes to show how cack-handed eBay’s management & programmers are.

    They are more concerned with banning sellers who have an absolute need to share phone numbers in messaging yet repeat offending buyers who abuse the returns process are allowed to go on & on offending.

    Mr Wenig …. don’t you have enough money for an early retirement yet?

  • 4 years ago

    This has been happening to me for about 3 weeks now on Chrome. Very annoying, and no way to set a website exception on Chrome. Doesn’t happen on Firefox.

  • Vinnie
    4 years ago

    I refuse to use Google, I can’t stand the privacy notices that keep popping up

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