118 days until Christmas: what are your plans?

By Dan Wilson August 29, 2017 - 8:44 am

The August Bank Holiday is past and, unusually, it’s been rather sunny and warm. Down on the Sussex Riviera (bizarre gas cloud down at Birling Gap aside) it was idyllic and we hope that you had a sultry sojourn too wherever you are.

It’s the last Bank Holiday until Christmas and, from an ecommerce perspective, hopefully all uphill from here as we approach peak. Yes, it’s time to start thinking Christmas before August is out.

If the August Bank Holiday is the nadir of sales (it always used to be, and we wonder if smartphones have changed that. I wrote this a few months ago: Do sunny days matter to ecommerce in the age of the smartphone? And hopefully we’re only going to see a sales upside from here to Black Friday and beyond. For what it’s worth, Black Friday will fall on November 24th this year.

You’ll likely have already sorted your stock and what you’ll be selling in the final third of the year. Perhaps you determined this months ago. Or you may still be making last minute choices (depending on what and how you sell.) Most Christmas stock choices are finalised in July by retailers.

So what should you be thinking about?

Postage Dates
The last 2017 posting dates will likely be posted here in the next few weeks by Royal Mail. So bookmark it. There may well be CWU strikes in the run up to Christmas (we hope not but maybe) so have a Plan B courier supplier ready in the wings. There is plenty of choice out there.

Keep an eye on trends
Most marketplace sellers are already totally on top of what they’re going to be doing. But seek out opportunities. There may be a sooner cooper trend that you are well placed to plug into so stay keen and nimble.

Be organised
It’s not just about stock levels. Be keenly organised with packing supplies, staffing and pragmatic concerns. The peak Christmas time is where a great many ecommerce entrepreneurs make their annual profits. Be ready.

What are your Peak suggestions?

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