TamebayTV: How to optimise your eBay listings

By Dan Wilson July 14, 2017 - 8:09 am

Last year we took a survey of you, our treasured readers, and one thing that came out was that you wanted more video content. We took that to heart and established a Youtube Channel here.

We’ve filmed weekly updates, interviewed suppliers and marketplaces and made quite a lot of videos. Check them out. And now we’re launching something new.

In association with, we’ve made some “how to” videos with specific relation to eBay selling. The first one is about optimising your listings and over the next 10 weeks we’ll be looking at other aspects of eBay trading. Find out more here.

This first video takes you through making the most of item titles, creating cracking images, what makes a decent description and item specifics. This is the first of a series of ten videos we’ll be releasing over the next few weeks so, subscribe to the channel to get the latest.

If you’re an eBay trader at any level then you’ll find our short and factual videos of use. They’re punchy and packed full of ideas. A flannel free zone. And also do let us know what you reckon. What future topics should we be covering?

  • 2 years ago

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for sharing great content. Here at Intelligent Reach we have data quality validation tools that include fix and auto fix capabilities. For many even finding missing attributes at scale can be a challenge. We can validate every attribute, fix at a data level or even present the product information in a viewer to allow for direct editing of the data; useful when you want to apply knowledge to the fix, such as adding the correct GTIN when it is missing.

    Once fixed the uplift in exposure and conversion rates replicates across other channels the data might be fed to such as Google PLA’s and display advertising etc so the ROI of a data quality plan and optimizing for eBay can be seen across the digital marketing channels.

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