Snapchat Launches Snap Publisher for drag’n’drop Ad creation

By Chris Dawson July 17, 2017 - 8:10 pm

Snap Inc. have launched Snap Publisher worldwide, a Snap-built tool that lets advertisers create Snapchat’s industry leading Snap Ads in minutes, right from within Snapchat Ad Manager.

It was back in in 2015 that Snapchat first announced Snap Ads; a new, full-screen, vertical video ad format that played with sound. Before Snap Ads mobile advertising was dominated by still images, and even now, in a mobile age, mobile ads are dominated by horizontal, sound-off, subtitled ads that appear in a newsfeed competing for a user’s attention with posts from friends and publishers.

Now with Snap Publisher it’s easier than ever to get your video advert in front of a mobile audience. 31% of UK Snapchatters watch TV for less than 1hr on any given day and are harder to reach than via traditional media, and Snapchat’s closest peers.

Snap Publisher Functionality

Put bluntly, it’s pretty much a drag and drop design process – drag in a video, drag in your logo. Snap have made it so easy that anyone with very rudimentary computer skills can now create a Snap Ad.

Snap Publisher also has a key differentiator from other ad creation tools: it uses computer vision to detect when a video switches scenes, and allows users to quickly and automatically cut the video with these scene changes or select just a single scene for the ad.

  • Convert horizontal video into a Snap Ad
  • Enhance videos with design elements such as text, images, and animations
  • Generate multiple variations of a Snap Ad
  • Provide extensive templates aligned with Snap Ads best practices
  • Turn a website into a Snap Ad

The Snap Ad Audience

Snap Ads are one of Snapchat’s three ad products alongside Sponsored Lenses and Sponsored Geofilters. Snapchat’s ad products allow you to reach the right audience in the right context based on a number of criteria including lifestyle categories and demographics. Return on Investment for brands can be measured with third party measurement capabilities provided by MOAT, Sizmek, Innovid, DoubleClick and Nielsen.

Today Snapchatters spend on average 30 minutes a day on Snapchat (up from 25 minutes in the last quarter) visiting the app over 18 times a day. Over two thirds of daily Snapchatters create content every day, sending over 3bn Snaps (up from 2.5bn in the last quarter).

There are over 10m daily Snapchatters in the UK. In October 2016 Snapchat announced over 77% of their 10m+ daily Snapchatters in the UK were over 18, and of these 43% are parents.

Should you give Snap Ads a go?

Snap have a compelling case to give their Ads a go now that they’ve made Snap Ad creation so easy. The only downside is that so far we’ve only seen large companies advertising on Snap so whilst the audience is desperately attractive and in many cases can’t be easily reached by traditional media, it’s hard to tell what the return on investment for SME retailers would be.

Our best advice would be that Snap Ads are now so easy to create with the new Snap Publisher tool that if you’ve some spare time and budget it’s worth giving it a go and diverting some of your paid search spend as an experiment. If you’re not ready to try Snap Ads today it’s absolutely a platform you should be keeping tabs on with an eye to the future.

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