Peoplevox now a Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program

By Chris Dawson July 17, 2017 - 12:47 pm

Peoplevox have been selected as the first one of first members of the Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program.

Shopify say that “Unfortunately, high-volume merchants are especially susceptible to choosing the wrong technology partners” and explain this is “because to maintain momentum, high-growth merchants often require unique and complex solutions. Identifying the best of the best can be a time-consuming process that shifts your attention away from what matters most: accelerating sales“.

Shopify Plus is division of Shopify that focuses on emerging brands and high-volume businesses and is a centralized commerce platform for the next-generation of retail. The Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program are a vetted set of solution providers who have proven their ability to serve fast growing retailers.

“Peoplevox is delighted to be one of the first e-commerce WMS solutions vendors to join the Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program. While Shopify Plus is a powerful tool, used without a dedicated e-commerce WMS, e-commerce retailers are still open to fulfilment errors which our software can address.”
– Jonathan Bellwood, Founder and CEO, Peoplevox

Shopify don’t go quite as far as saying that there are solutions out there which frankly aren’t that good, but they do say that The Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program is a curated ecosystem of partners who embrace the same disruptive, go-to-market strategies and mindset as you and represent the highest quality solutions and services in their industry.

Technology partners are only admitted to the program after a stringent evaluation based, in part, on the following criteria their ability to create a joint value proposition, their ability to solve merchant pain points in a particular vertical, and their commitment to market disruption and innovation.

What do Peoplevox do?

If you don’t know about Peoplevox it’s worth finding an online retailer friend who already uses their Warehouse Management Solution and going to see it in operation for yourself.

Covering everything from goods in to picking and packing, everything is automated and you’ll get the best of the solution by combining it with handheld devices for everyone in your warehouse. There’s no more forgetting where a product is (in fact the best way to run your warehouse is for goods to be checked in to any available shelf and bay), fast moving goods can be sited nearest your packing lines.

Once you’ve used a solution like Peoplevox you’ll never want to go back to manual operations or producing paper pick lists.

  • Toby
    9 months ago

    We used PeopleVox a couple of years ago based on reviews online. It was a disaster for us especially when you have stock in FBA. They pulled in FBA orders and we were fulfilling them alongside Amazon so our customers were getting a buy-one-get-one-free offer without knowing! Their support was useless and frustrating then. Their wms is only good for somebody who wants to show-off a Motorola handheld in use at their business.

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