Introducing the PayPal Global Sellers scheme with Webinterpret

By Dan Wilson July 12, 2017 - 8:55 am

Sometimes an offer comes along that looks astonishingly attractive and Paypal Global Sellers, which they’ve launched in conjunction with Webinterpret, does almost seem too good to be true. The offer is decent: PayPal and WebInterpret say they can get your webstore ready for international sales, in multiple countries, in a week. For nothing.

The specific claim is: “Launch your store in over 60 countries and double your international sales with our simple Plug & Play solution and the PayPal Global Sellers program.” If you’re already using Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and Bigcommerce all you need to do is bag the special plugin and install it into your webstore provider.

This video explains it:

The service will translate your listings and store content, convert the currency, and also help you with fulfilment, even handling overseas shipping and customs and duties too. It will apparently take about one week for Webinterpret to create your localised stores. And that’s where the other benefits will kick in: with your sales being made available in local languages and local currencies, you should get a serious search engine boost.

Shoppers from across the world will be able to search, shop and pay for items in their own local language and currency. Having a localized version not only boosts the SEO of your stores in different regions around the world, but the plug in will push shoppers to your local offerings in their local language if they stumble upon it. If an Italian shopper finds your UK shop, they’ll be sent to your Italian one, for instance.

The success of this scheme lies with the implementation. It will depend on the quality of translation and how well they can render your US or UK store in English to the needs of 60 other cultures. And, of course, you might not be able to judge how good the language translations are. So there is a decent amount of trust required.

It’s currently free and available to PayPal merchants using a compatible web store offering based in the USA and the UK. It sounds like a good scheme, so we’ll be very interested to hear from you if you take the plunge and have a go. Please report back.

  • Simon E
    3 years ago

    Sounds great, but talking of translations and webinterpret’s capability to translate, I recently had two Amazon sales in Italy that were packs of a charm.
    I rarely get issues re webinterpret but sadly the translation was incorrect and only when I received messages from both buyers did it become apparent that the translation was wrong. They were expecting more in the packs than I sent. Webinterpret held up their hands and said no problem they will refund me.

    Two and a half months later I am still chasing them for the refund. Does make me wonder if they are capable of your above article.

    • 3 years ago


      First of all, I apologize if you had any issue with our service for Amazon. Amazon platform is quite specific, in a way that if a translation is already existing on another Amazon site, with the same ID (ASIN), your items will be linked automatically to those existing translations and nobody can update it. Indeed, Amazon is owning that product content. So it can happen, that if you sell a pack of 2 items on Amazon UK, and there is an existing translation with a pack of 4 on Amazon Italy, your item will be automatically linked to it. It is how Amazon international listings works, and unfortunately it does not depend on WebInterpret. We have reported it to Amazon multiple times, but afaik their is no solution beside stopping the sale of this item in this specific country.

      In the case of your onlinestore, you have the full content ownership so we can make sure the translation is right and optimize it over time.

      In case of the refund, can you please contact us through our Facebook page? It will allow us to identify your account and I will make sure we solve it asap.

      Thank you for using WebInterpret.

      Patrick Smarzynski
      WebInterpret cofounder

    • Simon E
      3 years ago

      Hi Patrick,
      thankyou for the response.
      As far as I was aware the translation was done by webinterpret.
      I know that if a matched item is assumed found then Amazon will sync regardless of whether it is correct or not. On our WI account it seems to show what items you have and have not translated and by your agents admission it was a Webinterpret error.
      I must praise you though as the service is 99.99% fantastic and works very well, it was just in the instance that it was wrong and cost me money and you told me you would refund that, but two and half months later I still have to follow up.

      I know this isn’t the place for a discussion and I shall try to do so via facebook.
      One of the tickets was 290414
      Since this one, I have had a few WI agents who have told me that you cannot retranslate as Amazon doesn’t permit you to.
      I then went to the listing myself and changed the translation in the title which amazon allows me to do.
      Strange but true.


      You can add a comment by replying to this email.

      Janusz Switala, May 11, 13:23 CEST:
      Hi Simon,

      In order for us to retranslate this item it needs to be in stock on the UK version, since it’s not, we can’t process the retranslation.

      So please let me know if you are going to add more stock to that item and if yes when it would be,

      Once again please accept our apologies for the mistransaltion here, and thank you for your great patience,

      Looking forward to your reply,

      Kind regards,

      Janusz Świtała

    • 3 years ago

      Thank you Simon for the details and the kind words about WebInterpret.
      Now we can identify this case and will proceed with your refund.

      Kind regards,

    • Simon E
      3 years ago

      Wow, thankyou Patrick. I’ll look out for it.
      Just going back to PayPal Global Sellers scheme with Webinterpret, we have a Prestashop website, do you have a plugin for that at all ??

      Kind regards Simon

    • 3 years ago

      Prestashop is the next platform on our list.
      Should be available before the end of the year 🙂

    • Simon E
      3 years ago

      Thankyou Patrick.
      Also sorry to Chris and Dan (Tamebay) for discussing this on your post. B-(

  • SAM
    3 years ago

    We used Webinterpret for years with eBay, till we dropped our featured store due to decline in eBay sales on the international sites. We never had much of an issue with the translation services.
    This however looks very good, as long as they can work with our platform we will maybe give this a shot the vast majority of our direct sales are EU anyway.

  • 3 years ago

    Unfortunately my experience to date with the service has been far from positive. We were contacted directly about the service and as you say it sounds very good (and I think/hope that it will be) so we signed up. The initial process was all very smooth until we got to the point where the store was sent through for approval and it was a bit of a jumble with most products missing and a few products that were marked as ‘not visible’ on BigCommerce showing!

    I was told that this was due to a problem with the BigCommerce integration and that the store wouldn’t be launched. A few weeks later I hadn’t heard anything so I chased it up and was told that it had been fixed and was in testing. We then made some changes to the code that we had installed on our BC store and I was told that I would be contacted in a few days to get approval for the store to go live. I didn’t hear anything but before I had a chance to chase then we were contacted via Facebook by a customer in Taiwan who had ordered through our Glopal store. She contacted us because she hadn’t received a confirmation of her order and I’m glad she did as neither had we! We were subsequently contacted by another person that had ordered from America and again neither they, or we had received a confirmation of the order despite payment having been made.

    I contacted Webinterpret and they could see both orders but apparently something wasn’t working properly between our BC store and the Glopal version. It particularly annoyed me that I kept getting told that it wasn’t their fault as they were reliant on another company for the integration!

    The American order had to be cancelled as apparently there hadn’t been a charge for shipping generated but the Taiwan order was ok to be sent to the Skynet hub in the UK from where it would be forwarded. Please bear in mind that we received the order on the 20th of June, we sent it by Parcelforce24 on the 21st of June and after endless chasing and providing tracking numbers then only TODAY (12th July) has it been confirmed that it is on the Skynet system and starting it’s journey to Taiwan!

    I’m sorry – I wasn’t intending to write an essay but it has been extremely frustrating and I guess I needed to let it out! I believe that this could be an excellent opportunity and the fact that we have received a couple of orders with the store not looking great and only live for a brief period seems to back that up. I fully understand that there will often be teething problems but it is the difficulty in getting problems resolved in a timely and acceptable manner that is the real issue here.

    Rant over!


    • 3 years ago


      First of all I apologise for this mixed experience.

      It is true we had a few issues with bigcommerce integration. Bigcommerce made some changes to their API a few months ago and we had to switch to their new API which appears to be more complex than initially planned. This is why some of your orders were not processed. It took a few weeks to our product development team to fix this integration with bigcommerce but today it is working fine. Hopefully we will get a second chance to give you a great experience.

      Kind regards,
      Patrick smarzynski
      WebInterpret cofounder

    • 3 years ago

      Hi Patrick,

      Thank you for your reply. Does this mean that my store should be working properly as I have tried a few times to get in contact with Oleksii as he was my main contact at Webinterpret but I’m not getting any replies. I have never been taken through the store settings or what changes are possible to make so if the API is now working then it would be good to start over and get the store set up properly and properly test that it is working? If you can please put somebody in contact with me (or point me in the right direction) then that would be good.

      Thanks – Steve

    • 3 years ago

      This is right Steve. Bigcommerce integration had been fixed. I will make sure you get contacted today.

      Kind regards,

  • Merlo
    3 years ago

    We’ve tried to use this service with our Bigcommerce store. However as it’s fed from ChannelAdvisor the orders and inventory fail to make the transition to CA. Webinterpret haven’t helped by re-activating it without notifying us. The first we hear is unhappy customers asking why we haven’t shipped their goods. Very messy so far and no date for rectifying the fault/s.

    • 3 years ago


      Thank you for your comment. I’m sorry to hear that you experienced some problems. I would like to try to help you further. In order to do that, can I please ask you to send me your details (using our Facebook account)? So I can look into the faults you mentioned.

      Many thanks and best regards,

      Robert at WebInterpret

    • Merlo
      3 years ago

      Finally an answer- none of this works if you use ChannelAdvisor to run your Bigcommerce store. I’ve repeatedly told Webinterpret what systems I use and they have shown little/no interest. Many hours wasted setting this up and customers annoyed by failed orders.
      Apparently getting it to work with CA is a “popular request”. Another popular request would be for Webinterpret to know what their system works with before they launch it and listen what we tell them.

  • Danny
    3 years ago

    We were also contacted by PayPal to arrange a chat with this company, we went ahead, watched a demo of the system then though we would go ahead with this and see how it goes.

    Just before I did this, I did a quick Google of webinterpt and I am glad I did. The reviews across all the major review sites are shocking. Poor customer service. Sending products live with wrong descriptions even when been made aware.

    Heck the list goes on and on. I would advise everyone who are looking to use this service to also take a look at the reviews before making the jump.

    I am fully aware people who have a poor service complain. And those who don’t, don’t…. but people who also have a good service also do leave good reviews. But trying to find one of these is like looking for a needle in a hey stack it really was.

    Just spend 5min on google and you will see

    Needless to say after reading some of these shocking reviews leading to companies having accounts with amazon and eBay suspended we decided not to go down this route and drop it like a hot patato.

    • 3 years ago


      thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      This is true that with the increasing demand for our solution we have scale up fast those last years and haven’t always deliver a great user experience. Nevertheless we are putting a big emphasize on our customers satisfaction and we have positive customer satisfaction score month over month since more than a year. If you look at review sites like trustpilot you will see that lately we have more positive reviews than negative ones. Feel free to test it by yourself.

      Kind regards,
      Patrick smarzynski
      WebInterpret cofounder

  • Alan Paterson
    3 years ago

    I checked a box in my account preferences to indicate that i was “interested” in international sales. This apprently gives Webinterpret the authority to go into my ebay account with no communication with me and start converting my items into different countries of their choice.

    500 listings later they had wrongly interpreted EVERY LISTING. Every one! Every single one! I could not believe the incompetence. Also some of our products are not suitable for international distribution. Plastered all over ebay Italy, Germany Spain etc.,

    When I tried to contact them I couldn’t get through without an account (which i had not set up).

    Had to get eBay to sort it out. They were very helpful.

    When I finally did get hold of Webinterpret weeks later they tried to justify their actions.

    Speaking for myself I would AVOID AVOID AVOID this company. Their disregard to my account and the wrong interpretation and conversions x 500 simply made me angry. I couldn’t believe that they could get access simply by me clicking a tick box in my account preferences.

    I do hear some sellers have had positive experiences but I am definitely not one of them. I would do your research before considering – even for their free or trial service.

  • Iggy Poop
    3 years ago

    Anyone got a store that its actually live on, their own or otherwise? I visited the two examples on the site via a proxy and didn’t see any sign of local content, which don’t bode well, cheers !

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